Are Electric MX Bikes Faster Than Gas Bikes?


Mountain bikers often cross paths with motocross enthusiasts on the same backwoods trials. There, the bicycle rider may yearn for the gutty uphill thrust of the motocross cycle, whereas the gas-powered rider may wish for the easy maneuverability afforded by the mountain bike. Newer electric trail bikes that merge both experiences are now available. If you seek the speed of an old-fashioned gas dirt bike paired with the more-involved experience of a mountain bike, consider these ways in which a machine such as the Intense Cycles MX E-Bikes can get you to where you want to go.

What Are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes come in many forms, from casual pavement cruisers to rakish messenger-style bikes. At heart, each is a machine that houses both a combined electric motor and a pedal-connected drivetrain. You use the electric motor to help propel the bike; one great benefit to these cycles is that you can vary the pedal-assist to some degree on most models to get the workout you want.

What Are Electric Motocross Bikes?

Some electric bikes are built especially for off-road riding, with beefy frames and suspension, knobby tire and other trail advantages; be careful not to confuse pedal-style MX cycles with those designed to mimic gas racing and stunt bikes. Those heavier, specialized machines will not emulate the aerobic experience you get with an assisted Intense Cycles Tazer MX E-Bike mountain bike.

What’s the Fastest Each Bike Can Go?

One of the greatest thrills of trail cycling happens when the scenery rushes by while you pedal or throttle as fast as you can. When shooting down a steep hill, either a gas-powered cycle or an assisted bike can get you to whatever speeds the laws of physics allow. On a straightaway or up a hill, an Intense Tazer MX Pro Build or other high-quality assisted electric motocross bike will surge ahead because it offers instant torque; a gas-powered cycle will eventually pull ahead and maintain the lead over a long distance, especially since you can spend more and get high-output engines.

A Guide to E-Bikes vs. Gas Bikes

If you decide to shop for an assisted trail bike, you may want to consider what you gain over purchasing a gas-powered motorcycle. Both rides will take you places that can challenge a non-assisted rider. Under most conditions, both will drive as fast as you want to go on a twisty trail. Both also require some routine maintenance. An e-bike, however, provides these attributes:

  • Far-reduced maintenance
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Instant power surge
  • Lightweight maneuverability
  • Versatility

That last point is based on the concept that you can be accepted riding a quiet yet powerful bike with either group: traditional mountain bikers or fast motocrossers.

Mountain bikes and gas-powered trail bikes dominate trails and tracks due to their long-production history. Electric motocross bikes like Intense Cycles MX E-Bikes may start to close the gap both as and new models come to market and riders become accustomed to machines that operate quietly. Educating yourself about the new breed of assisted motocross bikes can open unforeseen vistas if you are shopping for a motocross bike in the near future.