The U.S. lags behind competitors in Corona cure research: A massive blow for Trump administration


The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought competitors several developed nations and their economies down to the knees. The disease has already claimed a quarter of a million lives, and the numbers are still on the rise. In such a scenario, most countries are spending above their means in terms of money and human resources to develop a vaccine and cure against Coronavirus.

The stakes in finding the cure couldn’t be any higher, and the U.S. government under the leadership of the Trump administration is putting everything into R&D. The mission named “Operation Warp-speed” includes the pharmaceutical companies, the U.S. Army as well as various government agencies. But sources claim that it is too little too late, and any development in the field is bound to come from either China or any of the leading European nations.

Is history repeating itself?

Sources placed well within the U.S. government structure are already competitors finding similarities for this Corona cure race with that of the space race between the U.S. and Soviet Union during the cold-war era. Back then, the U.S. prestige had suffered a massive shock and loss when despite. All the odds and the failings of the “leftist” regime, U.S.S.R. was able to put the first astronaut into outer space orbit.

The U.S. is already engaged with China and other technologically advanced countries for dominance in various fields. That includes rolling out of the 5G communication networks. Sources reveal that China has already made more significant headway. Into the 5G network courtesy of its vast workforce and infrastructure. In such a scenario, any setback for the COVID cure research will hurt American sentiments, pride, and national enthusiasm.

Shouldn’t this be the time for global collaboration

Matters are already tense between the U.S. and China, with each party blaming the other for the failure. To control the magnitude of the spread of Coronavirus. The main worry for the U.S. is that any development from China will surely add a feather in the cap and turn the tide in favor of the country. According to sources, with the development of the vaccine, China can dominate the geopolitical scenario of Asia and the world for years to come.

Is a vaccine already on the cards?

Medical professionals on both sides are not extremely hopeful competitors. About the synthesis of a vaccine, at least not within the predicted deadlines. Both countries have publicly played down the competition. Since history has no evidence of scientists ever having created a viral vaccine within months of a global pandemic outbreak.

The official stand of the U.S. government

According to the U.S. President, Donald Trump, U.S. is already working with Britain and Australia to develop a vaccine. And it doesn’t matter which nation competitors develop the cure first. According to the Health Secretary U.S., the policy right now is to create and manufacture a vaccine primarily. Aimed at protecting American interests and citizens.

It is interesting to note that China is already emerging from the lockdown period and the crisis. In contrast, most of the European nations and the U.S. are still struggling with competitors. To contain the virus amidst the outcry over piling on the national debt. However, the world can only wait in patience to see who gets crowned the eventual winners at the races.