5 Things Everyone in Self Employed Jobs Need for Success


Self-employed jobs have started gaining incredible popularity in the last years. Everyone wants to have more comfortable working conditions, get rid of uncomfortable shirts, and sleep longer in the morning. The Internet is full of inspiring mottoes and pics about the freelance type of employment, so some people have drawn a wonderful image of a self-employed dream job. Nonetheless, unfortunately, it has little to do with reality. You will hardly work on the beach with snow-white sand, swim in the ocean in the early morning, or have a lot of free time. But you can indeed wear your old comfortable pajama with a dragon tail when you work at home. Thus, when you order essay from a freelancer, the chances are high that they have cold, gloomy weather outside the window rather than the tropical rains. When you are self-employed, you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, and your income is not an exception. So, if you want to achieve great results, you should adhere to five key moments.

1. You need a strict schedule

You might not have expected to see such a statement since freelance is associated with complete freedom in everything and the absence of rules. However, if you want to stay free, you should set strict limits. Of course, it doesn’t have to match an office schedule, when you have to work from 9 till 6 pm. You can make it more flexible and in line with your inspirations and preferences. However, you should be well aware of your productivity cycles to organize your day this way. When you attend classes or go to work for years, you may not know what your most productive hours are. But you cannot just stand still and wait for inspiration. Such an approach may have negative consequences both for your reputation and income. You should try various options to understand yourself better. Thus, a strict schedule will help you stay on track in the long run, have weekends, and meet deadlines. It is crucial for people who have several different projects simultaneously. When you pay for homework, you want to get it done on time, don’t you? Your clients want the same.

2. You need to forget about freedom

When you don’t have a schedule, you procrastinate most of the time. You can wake up early in the morning, do some stretching, make breakfast, and disappear in social networks for an hour or two. When you “wake up” and proceed to work on a project, you may also get distracted by numerous things. Thus, you can work all day long, staying in the same pajama and having no time even to go outside for an hour. It happens because self-employed jobs provide you with a deceptive feeling of freedom. Such a lifestyle can lead to anxiety, additional stress, job burnout, and return to the office. You should learn how to treat your self-employment as a job and adhere to certain time frames when there is still time for leisure and work.

3. You need to analyze what skills you lack

When you become self-employed, you should constantly assess your value in the labor market. You should think about your skills and what things you lack to stay in demand. When you worked in the office, some other employees performed functions that are closely connected with your job. Reflect on these moments and decide what things you can lack. Nowadays, many companies are looking for universal soldiers who can keep up with a workload without anyone’s assistance. For example, you are a skillful graphic designer, but you didn’t communicate with clients in person because there was a project manager. Now it is your task as well. So, you should develop your soft skills and improve your time-management to cope with all the tasks. Your income will equally depend on both your talent and additional moments. If you are not ready to deal with all these “boring” tasks, you might not be ready to get self-employed.

4. You need to remember about networking

Every freelancer should master soft skills to effectively communicate with people. You should make it easy for your potential clients to find you. Introverts are on equal footing with extroverts in this regard, so if you want to succeed, you should build strong networking. It is worth learning how to communicate easily and boldly when necessary, how to sell your skills, and get an order. You should always stay on the positive side and be respectful towards others. You can upload your CV and portfolio on various websites, but even nowadays, a word of mouth stays the most relevant way to find new clients. Thus, you should do your job great to get positive feedback and get new clients. If someone asks you to attend some interesting events and meet new people, don’t lose such a chance.

5. You need self-presentation

Your portfolio is your calling card, and it must be well-tailored. When you are self-employed, you become responsible for your workload because there is no project manager to do it instead of you. Thus, your self-presentation should be of high quality and highlight your strong sides, both personal and professional. It is worth devoting some time to the creation of a decent and attractive portfolio. You should learn how to sell your services and advertise yourself. It will bring you additional benefits and income in the long run.