What Do I Need To Buy For My Gaming Setup


If you consider yourself to be an avid gamer, then you know just how important it is to have the right gaming accessories. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy tackling long RPGs or playing against opponents on online multiplayer titles, if you want to have a successful gaming experience, you need to make sure that the tools you are using can help you get the job done.

For example, if you are someone who tends to download a lot of games and would prefer to save some storage space on your Mac, you will need an external storage device like an SD Card to keep those files separate. In which case, you will also need an sd card hub to help you access and edit those files too! So, there’s quite a lot to consider when picking out the right accessories for your setup.

As such, we’ve decided to dive into some of the main gaming accessories that you need to get take your setup to the next level. And whether you are a novice or a professional player, these tools are bound to bring you the best value for your money. So, let’s just jump straight into it!

The Best Gaming Accessories

#1. Gaming Mouse

One of the most important accessories that you could buy is the right gaming mouse. This is especially true if you intend to play some competitive first-person shooter games. This is because the right mouse will provide you with better accuracy, versatility not to mention, a much higher build quality. In other words, it will provide you with a bigger advantage over your competitors who may be using a standard PC mouse. However, keep in mind that you will also need to purchase a multiple USB c hub to be able to expand your Mac’s connectivity ports and plug in some of the other external devices that we will mention below.

#2. Gaming Keyboard

This is essentially the main core of your setup, especially when you intend to use your Mac or PC for gaming. In the past few years, many new companies and manufacturers have begun designing custom gaming keyboards that come with an incredible amount of features and functionalities that are best suited to improve a user’s gaming experience

Moreover, there are some games that are largely dependent on you having the right keyboard that comes with the right complex commands within a few short keys, in order to complete a game successfully. Plus, some games also require quick response times and a gaming keyboard is the only thing that can provide you with shortcuts to accomplish this.

However, as we mentioned before as your setup takes shape, you will need more connectivity ports to plug in more devices such as this, so make sure you have the right docking station ready and f you don’t have one already, then we suggest checking out the highly popular D42 MacBook pro standing dock that is available from Lention.

#3. Gaming Headset

It’s no secret that having the right headset can boost any viewing experience to a whole new level but it can often be tricky for most people to navigate what the difference is between a normal headset and a gaming headset. But, if you have played competitive online play, then you will know that there are times when using normal headphones can fail on you.

For instance, the audio could start lagging or not come out clearly, affecting communication between teammates and that can seriously compromise your gaming experience and even lead to avoidable losses. However, the benefit of gaming headsets is that they are specialized to provide excellent audio immersion, clarity, and spatial awareness that cannot be copied. In such cases, there are numerous models to choose from, some are wireless, some are not and others are both. So, you simply have to just browse around for something that best suits your personal preferences.

#4. Gaming Chair

You absolutely cannot have a gaming set up without the right chair and while many gamers have yet to make the commitment to one of these, it mostly comes down to the rather pricey tag they come with. However, despite their priciness, they are one of the best investments you can make for your setup and for yourself.

They offer the best ergonomic positioning that allows you to comfortably sit in one spot for hours without risk of back or neck pain. If you are still on the fence about investing in one of these, let this be the extra push you need to get it!

#5. Gaming Desk

If you think that a desk shouldn’t serve any other purpose than just supporting your laptop or PC, then it’s time you shift that train of thought. You would be very surprised just how beneficial purchasing a laptop desk riser can be, not only for your gaming and viewing experience but also for your health.

This is because most of them tend to come with useful features such as height adjustment, extra workspace, and sturdy weight capacity. It is for this reason that such desks should not be underestimated as they cultivate a comfortable gaming experience that is worth the extra price.

An alternative and cheaper option to consider investing in is a multiple laptop stand. These accessories are ideal if you enjoy playing games on your bed or couch, as they will allow you to better position your laptop and play games in almost any position, without the risk of the laptop overheating or falling accidentally. Plus, they can also help reduce the risk of back or neck pain in the process!