4 Safety Tips You Must Know Before Your Next Flight

safety tips before flight

Don’t worry! Flying is completely safe; in fact, you are more likely to get in an accident while driving, or even walking than getting into one on a plane. In 2015, the International Air Transport Association published a report which stated the risk factor of an accident on an aircraft was one in 4.5 million.

Still, staying prepared for disasters and problems is quite necessary, and in the event of an emergency, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Furthermore, apart from aircraft failure, there are several other things that you need to stay safe from during your flight. From the time you leave your home for the airport to the time you reach your destination, there are many instances where some safety tips can be quite helpful.

Therefore, here are four essential safety tips that you need to know before you plan your next flight.

Dress accordingly and have all the other essentials for a comfortable flight as well:

Your outfit has an important part you play in your comfort and safety. You should wear clothes that are easier to walk in because you will have to walk a lot at the airport; however, perhaps the most impactful aspect of your outfit is your shoes.

You need to wear shoes that will be easier to run in if there is an emergency because you do not want to be an aircraft evacuation while wearing high heels.

Furthermore, to ensure your safety, you need to be comfortable and relaxed; therefore, you should also bring all the essential elements to ensure a pleasant flight.

Firstly, one of the things that I can’t travel without are earplugs; they are essential if you want to have a comfortable flight without worrying about blocked ears and loud noises. If you are using earplugs, you should also get an alarm clock for deaf people, which will help you keep your schedule on track, even if you can’t hear your regular alarm.

I also always travel with a neck pillow, which makes sleeping more manageable, and I don’t have to worry about a sore neck every time I fall asleep on a plane.

Don’t drink on your flight:

When you have a long flight ahead of you, having a couple of drinks might seem like an excellent way to calm your nerves and help yourself relax; however, in my opinion, drinking on a plane is a horrible idea.

Being drunk in case of an aircraft emergency won’t do you any favors, and you won’t be able to ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow travelers. Moreover, alcohol can affect you more when you are flying because of the thin air and cabin pressure.

Therefore, if you want to be sharp and able to make the best judgment in case of an aircraft emergency, you need to avoid drinking on the flight.

Furthermore, drinking while flying can also make jet lag worse.

Be aware of your surroundings:

airport surroundings

Understanding and evaluating your surroundings to ensure safety is an essential skill to have, and it can be especially useful when you are traveling. Also known as situational awareness, the main idea of this skill is to look at the details that people regularly choose to ignore.

Whenever you enter a room or any other place, you should scan your surroundings for potential threats, and make sure to know all the exit routes, so that you can escape in case of a problem.

This concept is quite important in the aircraft. When you board the plane, you should know exactly where your seat is on the flight. You can do this by looking at the seat map that is available with the safety guidelines in your seat pocket. This will allow you to identify the closest exit to you, which could also be behind you.

In case of an emergency evacuation, most people will run towards the point they entered the plane, which is towards the front, but if you stay calm and move towards the nearest door, you will be able to get out safely.

You should also practice situational awareness at the airport. Busy airport terminals are one of the favorite playgrounds of thieves and pickpockets, therefore keep your luggage safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Keep a runaway bag:

runaway bag

Whenever you are traveling, whether it is on a plane or by any other means you should have a runaway bag, however in case of a flight, packing a runaway bag is more important because you have all of your essential documents with you and replacing them in case of an emergency can be quite a hassle.

Your emergency runaway bag should be something light like a travel wallet, or a side worn satchel. You could also go for a fanny pack which is quite trendy these days. Furthermore, you should always have your runaway bag on your person, and it should contain all your essential documents like your passport, ID, boarding passes, and tickets.

You should also keep your smartphone, credit cards, and cash in the runaway bag. Some people, especially business travelers, usually have a lot of essential data on their laptops; therefore, they should make sure to back up their data in the cloud, and if the data is sensitive, they can keep an external hard drive in their runaway bag as well.

In an emergency, you will leave your baggage behind, because your life and safety are your priority, however, make sure that you write your contact information on your bag so that it is easier for the airline to return your luggage to you.

To sum it all up, even though flying is a relatively safe form of travel, it is always good to know some essential safety tips. So, pay attention to the safety video at the beginning of the flight, and follow the tips mentioned in this post. I hope you have a fun, comfortable, and safe flight.