8 Benefits of Watching Movies

advantages of watching movies
benefits of watching movies

There is quite a number of benefits to watching movies. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There is a reason the entertainment industry which comprises majorly of movies, books and video games, with the later being one of the largest in terms of worldwide gross revenue. This is basically because of the benefits of watching movies. There is quite a number of them, and in this article, we will be discussing the bulk of them. Here are 8 benefits of watching movies according to a quora survey.


When it comes to movies and their benefits or advantages, awareness tops the list. From the bulk load of movies on the internet today, the majority of them are made around history, social issues and of course, science fiction. You will agree with me that films play a vital role when it comes to shedding light/creating awareness about a particular social issue, culture, or history. Today, you will also agree that the vast majority of the population, especially in third world countries are mostly enlightened by technological advancements through movies. This is why awareness takes first as regards the importance of movies in our day to day life and even culture.

The Experience

Imagine how you feel when you are kept in suspense by your favorite TV shows. Imagine the buzz shows like game of thrones caused in its peak seasons and rap up of Marvel’s phase 3 movie caused. The experience is epic, and one every movie fan certainly enjoys. A great experience is nothing short of one major benefits of watching movies.


A relatively great percentage of individuals who watch movie, do so for this sole purpose. While some see a movie and thereafter go online to discuss or ponder about it, the majority of people out there watch movies simply to have fun. Hundreds of ways one could have fun in this world, seeing a good movie certainly tops the list. There is nothing that spells fun, quite like seeing a great movie with friends and family. Many families have practically built a culture around it, and thus, Fun is certainly one of the benefits of watching movies.

Pass Time

Nothing kills time better than through seeing a great movie. The worst thing you can ever do before a meeting is try to catch up with your favorite shows. I promise you; you will run late. In the benefits of watching movies, you can be rest assured that a good movies is the greatest way one can pass time.


Great films have shaped many into becoming really great personalities. While the majority of best-selling movies are centered on sci-fi and action, a few movies centered on real-life events have turned out to be really great sources of inspirations to millions. So, if you are reading this article and you haven’t been a fan of movies, you should try some inspirational movies as they provide a whole lot of benefits and advantages to the overall human health.

Stress Buster

Many have found alcohol to be a saving grace when it comes to getting rid of stress and even depression. However, these are a temporary fix. You will find that watching a great movie, especially from the comfort of your home with friends or even alone, provides an even better solution. With platforms such as Netflix these today, getting access to the best movies from your comfort zone becomes too easy. With this said, stress buster certainly is one of the advantages of watching movies.

Get Over a Breakup

Nothing sounds greater than watching your favorite show after a breakup. While you might be hurt, you will begin to experience mixed feelings. You might be crying or sad due to a breakup and at the same time be laughing at a hilarious joke or event from a movie, or anticipating the reaction of a character to an incident. Helping you get over a breakup or at least get through the most painful part of it is one very important benefit of watching movies.


Alas, there is a reason it is called the entertainment industry. That is the primary purpose of a movie. To entertain. In respective of culture, social background, and religion, the aim of movies is to do a basic thing. Seeing a great movie is where the line between culture, religion, and the social standard is drawn. Everyone no matter their religion are drawn to theaters as soon the latest movie is released.

From presidents and billionaires down to commoners, you should know that we are all connected in more than one way, and movie is one of them.

The Bottom Line

Movies are a great thing and one of life’s many gifts. This is why movie actors are celebrated and loved worldwide. In their actions, lives are changed, and we get to enjoy various benefits from every bit of their actions.