5 Fun Ways to Spend a Weekend in Toronto


Sometimes taking a weekend trip up to the same beach repeatedly can get a little tedious. So instead of going to a beach, why not try a well-versed and cultured city in the heart of another country. If you plan a trip to Toronto, below is a list of fun activities to do that might get you started.

The CN Tower

Famously known for being on one of the album covers of Canada’s most famous Hip-Hop artists–Drake– the CN tower is one of the coolest places in all of Toronto. The Tower has a peak at 553 meters above the ground. But, unfortunately, people can only see the view from the sky deck, which is 447 meters high.

Even though the Tower is higher than 447 meters, the view from the sky pod is still incredible. You can overlook the entire city of Toronto, and if you go up at night, you can see how lively the town truly becomes.

Ripley’s Aquarium

The great part about Toronto is that many of the attractions are not far apart from each other. One of the newer attractions, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, is located at the bottom of the CN tower.

You can go from having a close-up experience with huge underwater creatures swimming right over your head to watching the city from its peak. Ripley’s Aquarium is a very easy place to incorporate a visit while on a weekend trip to Toronto.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a day trip away from Toronto, so when you are visiting for the weekend, it is a must-see. Most people coming from the United States can either hit it on the way up or wait until they are supposed to go home.

No matter where you are coming from, Niagara Falls is a pinnacle of natural beauty. On the Canadian side of the waterfall, you can see a lot more, and it is so much more open.

The Zoo

You can never go wrong by visiting a zoo. There are so many cool facts to learn and fun animals to see. It just so happens that Toronto is home to a very popular zoo called, The Toronto Zoo. Some very popular exhibits at the zoo include the Gorilla Rainforest and the Tundra habitats.

The Toronto Zoo organizes its exhibits very uniquely. They sort each habitat based on the animal’s biome according to where they would be located on the globe. So not only can you see the animals, but you can also learn where to find them, just based on where they are located in the zoo.

Tour Casa Loma

The Tour Casa Loma is a very historically significant building that also exemplifies the beauty of Canadian architecture. The Casa Loma was once home to Sir Henry Pellat. Pellet was a famous Canadian millionaire and philanthropist. Still, by visiting his old home, you can almost put yourself in his shoes and experience what it was like to live in a wealthy house in that period.

Who knows? You may end up loving the city, and you may find yourself a permanent residence in the Toronto area. After all, there is a ton of real estate in Toronto to choose from!