Make Your Student Loans Worth It: Highest Paying Master’s Degrees


When most people decide to attend grad school, they do so to take advantage of all of the benefits that people with master’s degrees get to enjoy. What they try to avoid thinking about is the cost.

Some two-year grad school programs can reach costs of over $100,000. This places an enormous amount of financial strain on students. In fact, grad school loans account for 40% of all student loans.

Because of that massive price tag, you’ll want to choose the highest paying and most valuable master’s degrees. 

But what sort of fields of study are those? 

Keep reading to learn about some of the highest paying master’s degrees that are worth every penny. 

Aerospace Engineering

Are you someone who loves looking up at the sky and learning about the sun, stars, planets? Do you dream of one day going up there yourself? If you do, choosing an aerospace engineering program could be a good choice.

Aerospace engineers design everything from satellites to spaceships, thinking of new models and ensuring the safety of everyone who rides inside them. 

To become an aerospace engineer, a bachelor’s degree is all you need. That being said, a master’s degree makes the field much more lucrative. Expect a median salary of around $116,000 each year. 

Business Administration

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the world of business, getting an MBA is a smart move. Having it will allow you to become anything from a CEO to a financial analyst. 

These sorts of leadership roles might become harder to get in the future on account of increased competition. However, as of now, the average salary of a CEO is around $184,000, making the cost of business school worth the price tag.

Depending on the exact job position you’re after, the education requirements may vary. Nevertheless, an MBA will always be a solid investment. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the most valuable business master’s degrees.

Computer Science

If you’re fascinated by computers and the latest technologies, consider attending a master’s program for computer science. This is a broad field, but one that has a ton of growth and potential.

Having an educational background in computer science lets you do anything from make technology more efficient to write new computing languages. All of this affects the relationship that humans have with tech.

You won’t have to worry about money as a computer scientist. Expect to earn around $120,000 with a master’s degree. 


If you’re looking for a field that always has a high demand for workers, dentistry might just be what you’re after.

However, getting a graduate degree in dentistry isn’t as simple as just applying for a school. The top programs in the country are selective and competitive, requiring you to pass a variety of exams and certifications. 

Yet all of that hard work will pay off once you’re finally out of dental school. Dentists enjoy competitive salaries with tons of great benefits. Expect to earn around $159,000 a year. 


Do you have a passion for justice? Does defending the rights of the less fortunate motivate you? If so, you might want to think about attending law school.

Most people who don’t attend it believe that law school is a grueling, lifeless experience. On the contrary, many lawyers find it to be challenging yet incredibly rewarding. 

At the very least, you can expect a salary of around $122,000 once you get out. 

Of course, to get the most out of your law degree, you need to go to a great law school. To get in, you’ll need to strive for the top LSAT scores. Make sure to study!

After you graduate, you’ll need to pass the bar exam to practice law in the state where you want to work. 


As the human population continues to grow, the world needs more and more medical professionals. Nurses are the staple of the medical world, which means that if you study nursing, you’re never going to struggle to find a job.

To become a nurse, you don’t need a master’s degree. In some cases, you don’t even need to have a bachelor’s degree. However, you do need graduate credentials to work as a nurse practitioner. 

Many NPs specialize in a specific area of treatment, like mental health or the human heart. Once you obtain your graduate degree, you can expect a high salary of around $110,000. 

Political Science

If politics and governments fascinate you, choosing to pursue political science in grad school could be a smart investment.

Another broad field, political scientists can do everything from study voter data to run for office themselves. They can choose to operate on the local, national, or international level, depending on what motivates them.

Political science might not seem like a traditionally lucrative degree, but the master’s degree is what makes all of the difference. Make sure that you attend a competitive program to ensure that you can land the $122,000 median salary.

Take Advantage of the Most Valuable Master’s Degrees

A master’s degree will require you to invest a huge amount of money and time but will ultimately benefit your life in many ways. That being said, not all higher education is created equal.

If you’re considering grad school, it’s worth choosing a field of study that will provide you with a solid return on investment. Consider choosing one of the highest paying and most valuable master’s degrees to set yourself up for success. 

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