How To Store Shoes, Boots, & Sneakers: A Minimalist Guide

shoe storage

Minimalists tend to own less. That does not mean they only wear shoes or a piece of cloth or they walk bare feet. Minimalists gravitate to simplicity and having fewer distractions. They tend to focus on what’s important in their livessuch as sustainable shoes.

If you’re a minimalist, then you would prefer your space to be intimate and functional. You would like an area wherein you can store the few items that are close to you in a neat manner. These items can be shoes, boots, or sneakers. With all these hanging around your home, how can you put them away in the most minimalist way possible?

In this article, we’re going to share with you some shoe rack ideas for small spaces and show you a few tips and tricks on ways you can store your footwear in the most intentional way you can.

Hanging Closet Organizer Made Out Of Fabric

A hanging closet organizer that is of fabric material can be a great way to store your shoes. These give you the chance to make the most out of the vertical space in the back of your door or your closet. You can also tuck them away in an area wherein you would like to conceal them for a neat and aesthetic finish.

Hanging closet organizers are not made only for footwear storage. You could store all your belongings here. Considering the narrow and deep shape, it is perfect for storing away your shoes. Save space and go for a hanging closet organizer!

Make Use Of Clear Storage Boxes

Shoe boxes are stackable. You can find ones that are clear and made out of plastic. Can save space by stacking them up and putting them away in one corner of your house. You can also divide the stacks into their functionality. Customizing the pile is up to you and your preference.

I have seen a lot of hardcore shoe collectors use this trick. Although collecting shoes is not minimalistic, the manner of stacking them saves space. Collectors tend to take pictures of the shoes inside and sticking it to one side. This trick can make things easy for you to locate a pair of shoes you might be looking for.

It is safe to say that a minimalist would shy away from having a collection. It is too much distraction for a minimalist’s liking. These transparent storage boxes can help you stay neat and organized.

Using Your Stairs As Storage

This one is for the minimalists with stairs in their spaces. You can use the stairs in your home as storage spaces. The individual steps can serve as storage perfect for your footwear and other things. I’d have to suggest to be careful and consult your contractor on this one. You would not want to jeopardize the integrity of your home.

The stairs in your home can serve as wise spots for storage. I say you should get creative on this one and make use of the space under your steps. Put away those boots and sneakers for a zero distraction household.

Ladder Shelves That Are In-Style Today

I get that style is not your priority as a minimalist. You also did not see it coming that ladder shelves are space savers and very trendy these days. A ladder shelf has got everything that a minimalist needs. It saves you space and can be very functional in your home.

Ladder shelves work by inserting both pairs of footwear at an angle, and that would neatly settle your shoes. Ladder shelves are mostly placed in bedrooms and bathrooms. Why not add it to your hallway and add a functional yet stylish piece to the puzzle?

Use The Space Under Your Bed

A space that isn’t always used can be the space under your bed. It has all the areas you would need for your footwear storage. You can also add a shoe organizer in the space to make things easier. Adding a shoe organizer down there can also make your collection more accessible.

Did I say it’s very much minimalistic? You can put away your shoes whenever you finished deciding minimalists on the pair you would wear for today. It’s concealed and very practical for saving an added functional space.

This idea can be the best solution for a house with kids. The kids’ could be flying everywhere around the space with their shoes unorganized. This unused space can help you stay organized and be efficient in terms of saving space.


There are a lot of neat tips and tricks to organize your footwear. People have come up with things like hidden cabinets and other space savers. You can always take note of the functionality of the storage idea. I would personally go for the storage idea that would save space.

I prefer to be efficient in my storage spaces. Efficiency does not mean minimalists that it’s also low quality. It should be practical and organized. Conceal it or showcase your footwear. The important thing is you save space with a minimalistic storage idea.