How to get the favorite designs on your custom T-shirt?


If you have a creative bent of mind, you will surely be able to give vent to your creativity not just on a piece of paper in the form of writing. You will also be able to work out designs that can be eye-catching and perhaps might even become a trend in the world of fashion. Here, we are talking about custom T-shirts and how you can take the right approach so that you can get that favorite design of yours, which you have always longed for to see printed on your own designer t-shirts.

Regardless of whether you are designing just for the sake of fun or want to try your hands at commercial T-shirt printing, given below are few tips that you can follow so that the outcome is the best. So, take a look at the tips below.

Tips for getting the perfect custom T-shirt design

You can follow these guidelines for optimum results.

Be clear about the theme or concept

First and foremost, you must have a clear idea about what you are designing. The critical element that will determine the kind of design you work out will depend on the age group for which you are designing and secondly, the purpose of designing. You have to try out a variation of the designs and not just settle for the one that comes to your mind in the first instance. You will see that with every effort, there is variation towards the approach and thought process.

Simplicity is key

Unless you want your designs to be screaming out bold messages in vibrant and neon colors, the messages that you choose for your t-shirt designs must be simple. If you keep the message and the theme simple and easy to design, the t-shirts become uncluttered and pleasant to look at. However, make sure you do not forget to attend to details as far as color scheme, hues, and shades are concerned.

Commercial designs

If you are designing the custom t-shirt from the commercial point of view, keep in mind the target audience. Depending on the age group, you can select the designs, theme, and color scheme. Also, gender is essential when it comes to designing. However, these days, you will find that the same design can be worn by males and females equally. Designing unisex t-shirts have advantages. If the design is right, it appeals to both genders.

Planning artwork

You will come across many custom t-shirt designers that prefer to print artwork on the apparel. If it is an artwork that you are selecting, make sure you choose the right type of painting or figure.

The selection of artwork can be made either in landscape or portrait form depending on the size of the t-shirt.

Last but not least, once you have made the designing and artwork selection, choose a good printer. The printer must be from a reliable company and not just the ones in which cartridge gets exhausted after printing a few pieces. Also, make sure that when you print, the same cartridge must be able to complete a single lot of t-shirts.

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