Finance 101: The Truth About Stocks


Do you think stocks are a scam just as much as you think online casinos are not legit? You can visit casinoinquirer online casino for more information. Well, stocks are simply financial instruments that represent ownership stakes in companies. Companies provide goods or services that people want. When stocks are bought and sold on exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ, owners of these shares receive dividends and share in the company’s profits.

Stocks are a great way to invest your money because if the stock price goes down, you’ll get back less than what you invested. However, if the stock price rises, you’ll see increased gains.

The Truth About Stocks vs Bonds

A Stock is an asset that represents a share or ownership stake in a company. When someone buys shares of a public company they are buying into the business itself as well as the future earnings potential of the company. This money is paid upfront for an unknown amount of time. If the company pays off its debts then it can pay dividends back to shareholders, which will generally be taxed at a lower rate than if the shareholder had taken out a loan from the bank.

A bond is essentially like borrowing money. A “bond” is nothing more than a promise to repay the money lent by a corporation, government entity, or person. In return for paying interest and repaying the principal, the investor gets some kind of security, such as stock in the company, real estate, or even U.S. Dollars.

There was a time when people thought that there were only two kinds of investment one could make with their money: stocks and bonds. Today, investors have access to many different types of assets including commodities, currency, derivatives, and even hedge funds. What does all this mean? It means that we no longer think about investing as simply having two options that our money should go towards, but rather about what kind of portfolio we want to build for ourselves using all these different assets. Some people prefer putting their money in stocks while others choose to put their money in bonds.

There are several benefits, so let’s take a look at them!

Stocks Pros

  1. Higher Return Potential

While stocks may not offer much higher returns than bonds during volatile times, they do tend to outperform bonds during periods where risk is high. When the economy is doing poorly, many consumers hold on to cash and don’t buy anything new. Companies hold on to cash flow instead and use it to reinvest profits back into growing the company and increasing productivity. Since stocks make up 25% of total global GDP, companies often reinvest in their own businesses.

  1. Investment Opportunity

One major benefit of investing in stocks is that it allows you to diversify your holdings. By owning large amounts of stocks from various industries, you decrease the chances of losing your entire investment because of a bad year.