Great Alternatives to Replace the Diamond in an Engagement Ring


Most men know that one of the biggest days in a women’s life is the day of their engagement. The other two are their wedding and the birth of their children. Although women do have extreme career goals as well – as they should -, these will always remain fairytale fantasies.

And while there’s great pressure on this day for men, believe it or not, most women don’t actually care what is in the ring. It should come from the heart and should be beautiful, but whether it’s quartz or a diamond, it shouldn’t make a huge difference.

Let’s talk about diamonds and the reasons people are starting to avoid purchasing them. First and foremost, they’re difficult to shop for and incredibly expensive. The other reason, and perhaps the more pressing reason, is that diamonds are considered unethical. Due to weak regulations and the lack of planning, mining for diamonds has caused environmental devastation, damaging land and water. Irresponsible mining has caused deforestation, soil erosion, even forced relocation. This article will go over the top three alternatives, that are environmentally friendly, and will not force people to go bankrupt.

Cubic Zirconia

The cubic zirconia has absolutely no market value. It’s worth close to nothing. So if you’re planning on selling a cubic zirconia wedding ring, you’ll probably get more value from the band and setting. It has the same brilliance and sparkle as a diamond. Although it may be a bit denser, and therefore heavier, in a tiny ring that shouldn’t be noticeable.

This is one of the most popular synthetic gemstones, because not only is it a much cheaper alternative, but even a jeweler has a hard time differentiating diamonds and cubic zirconias. And although it’s cheaper, it’s of very high quality and is scratch-resistant. If your partner wants something very close to a diamond, this is the best option out there.

White Sapphire

The difference between white sapphire and a diamond will be more recognizable by the trained eye. The main difference is in the brilliance of the gemstone, as the white sapphire will lack that clear, colorful sparkle, and will have a more subtle white, silverish shine to it.

Anyone who’s seen a diamond once or twice will most definitely see the difference, so this alternative is for the women who actually prefer the subtle elegance of the white sapphire instead of the brilliance of a diamond. If that’s the case, this sapphire is the most ethical and cheap alternative and can be produced in bigger sizes. Considering durability and strength, it’s very close to the cubic zirconia, so everyday use will not affect it.


Forget “diamond is a girl’s best friend”, she has been replaced with the moissanite. It is the absolute best alternative for the diamond. This synthetic gemstone is getting more and more popular, as it’s cheap, and ethically made, but is still the closest in every way to the diamond. Both in brilliance and strength, the moissanite is almost even more beautiful than the diamond itself.

It’s also a very unique historical find, as it was discovered in the 80s in a crater left by a meteorite strike in Arizona. Today, the moissanite is made in labs, which means that the environment will not and cannot be affected by the manufacturing of this gem. While it’s a close second in hardness to the diamond, the diamond is – and probably always be – the pinnacle. But this doesn’t mean that the moissanite is not highly durable, for it’s perfectly strong for everyday use. Regarding sparkle, the moissanite – while very similar to the diamond – has all the colors of the rainbow in them, most noticeably a recognizable splash of yellow, making it stand out much more than the subtle beauty of the diamond.

When thinking about buying an engagement ring, it should be the perfect balance between the personal taste of the woman in question, and fairytale-like execution. Another great alternative is going in an entirely different direction with gems like opal, blue topaz, emerald, amethyst, garnet, or any gemstone that the woman is a fan of. But if the only important thing is to avoid diamonds, but you rather keep the look of the legendary gem, these are the three best options to go for in every respect, bar none.