5 Relationship Problems And Their Solution

5 Relationship Problems And Their Solution
5 Relationship Problems And Their Solution/couples

Relationships makes the world go round, or maybe not. I guess it all depends on the quality of the relationship. A bad relationship can make your life a living hell. A good one, however, could turn out to be your salvation. Today, many relationships have suffered simply because of issues which could have been easily avoided or sorted out. Speaking from experience, the root of some of the relationship crises isn’t truly known. This doesn’t mean the couple doesn’t have something in mind they are pissed off about, it just means that what the problem truly is, isn’t what is often addressed. The truth is, without identifying the root of a problem, you cannot hope for a solution.

Crisis are part of a relationship. Some eventually make the relationship stronger, and others do the opposite. With a guide like this, your relationship will suffer less crisis and thrive. Here are 5 relationship problems and their solution.


This is the biggest problem of all in a relationship. This is so because almost every other issues which will come up in a relationship almost always revolves around a lack of or poor communication.  According to the author of blending families, 2 cannot communicate while either party is checking their phone or engaging in any other form of activity.

  • Solution.

Set up rules during discussions which prohibits interruption when one party is doing the talking.

Make out a specific time to talk something through. Ensure for all forms of distraction such as mobile phones or even kids are out of the way before you begin.

Show your partner through body language or simply by rephrasing their statement to show your mind is truly in the conversation.

If you are fond of being loud or verbal during discussions, ensure to take your discussions to places you won’t feel comfortable doing so. Example of such a place is a library or a public restaurant.


Sex plays a pretty important role in a relationship. Sadly, a union/an act which have been created to be enjoyed by both parties have led to broken marriages or worse. What could be worse than a divorce you ask, the answer is infidelity.

  • Solution

There is a common misconception which says sex has to be carried out at night. That isn’t a fact and not even a good idea if both couples are active workers. Complains such as “not tonight I am tired” is common in relationships where the couple work. The solution to this is simply to have an actual sex calendar. Plan ahead of it. If you can plan for every other thing, why not plan for sex as well. The anticipation alone should get you excited.

Also, it is important to learn what turns your partner on. In this regard, the couple simply has to be open-minded to one another and make suggestions about what they both love and try it out.

Switch things up a bit. Don’t try the same boring style every now and then. Make love in odd places such as the kitchen or beside the fire. What’s more, some say nothing quite gets them started than a morning quickie.


Relationship or not, money is the root of the majority of the problems we face in society today. You can very well be assured that even couples to fight because of it too. These sorts of problems steam when both parties are n’t in the agreement or are different when it comes to money management.

  • Solution

Have an honest conversation about the topic. Don’t just assume your partner will use divine inspiration to know how exactly you want the finance handled.

Understand that you are both different halves to a coin and learn from one another. This means one party could be a spender, and the other a saver. It isn’t a cause for war. You just need a bit of understanding and learn from one another’s habit.

Construct a joint budget which includes saving.

Do not hide income or debt. I can’t make emphasis on this enough. If you made some expenses your partner wouldn’t have approved off, have the balls to tell. If not, when they eventually find out which they will, it’s going to be twice the problem it could have been. Practice same with credit alert.

Make a budget for family expenses, so one party doesn’t feel cheated.

Make short term and long term goals together.


This is a very important issue and one which has also cost many their relationship. If there is no trust in a relationship, be rest assured that your relationship is heading for a pitfall.

  • Solution

Be a great listener.

Call ahead when you know you will be coming home late

Call if you say you will

Avoid jealousy

Be confident

Avoid throwing blame around

Do not rip open old wounds no matter the argument

Watch what you say to your partner

Home Shores

While I am always surprised when I hear a couple fight about things like you don’t do the dishes often, home shores have broken quite the number of relationship.


Have defined task. Ensure each party has a responsibility regarding home shore so there isn’t an argument about who should or shouldn’t do them.

If you hate house shores, you can both agree on hiring help. If only one party does the hating, then another task such as laundry could be assigned.

The Bottom Line

These are the major issues that plague relationships and many times often lead to their collapse. If you follow this guide, there should be fewer arguments and crises in your relationship/marriage.

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