Why do so many sports fans like to place accumulators over a weekend?


Sports betting is a big deal in many countries around the world and is a sector that is opening up in places like the USA. With the extra fun it brings to watching sports, this is not a surprise. The sheer number of bets you can make in sports wagering also helps explain its appeal and accumulators are certainly a bet which many have heard of. This basically sees you bundle multiple individual bets into one whole, for bigger potential returns.

Although accas can be put together all through the week, it does seem many sports fans like to place them at the weekend. But why is this?

Lots of tips to track down

Lots of sports fans love betting on games but might not consider themselves an expert. To help find the best bets and hopefully turn a profit over time, lots of punters rely on tipsters for their choices. For the best betting tips around, Premiership Bets is a site trusted by many. They cover a wide range of sports and have some of the best predictions around to mull over.

But how does this relate to the popularity of accas over weekends for bettors? In simple terms, there are usually more tips to hunt down over the weekend, as this is when many tipsters are most active. More tips means more bets to make over a weekend and the appeal of accumulators goes up as a result.

Time is also key

When thinking about why we have weekends, time is a major factor. The extra free time we have at weekends also explains why sports fans like to place accas then. Put simply, most bettors have a lot more time to sit down and work out accumulators at the weekend than they do in the week. This makes it far more likely people will place these bets at the weekend when they have the chance to do so.

Plenty of games to include in weekend accas

Any guide to betting will show that there are not only more tips around at the weekend but also more games to bet on in general. This will vary from sport to sport (horse racing, for example, is busy all week) but lots of others (such as football) tend to have more to bet on come the weekend. As a result, people find it a lot easier to fill their accas in closer to the start of the games and are more likely to put them on than in the week. Just as the sun is important for top summer sports, having enough games to include in your acca is too.

Sports fans love weekend accumulators

Accumulators are one of the most popular bets and can see you make a decent return if all your selections come in. Although this type of bet is seen all week in sports, it does seem that the weekend is when it really takes off. With more casual punters betting at the weekend who are more prone to making bets like this, plus the other reasons listed above, this is no surprise.