Can you Count Cards Playing Online Blackjack?


Landing a win in a land-based casino can be a delightful experience; however the method of counting cards as a means to reach that prize is very much frowned upon. Most of us are aware of gambling’s darker side; it only takes watching movies such as 21 or Casino to observe the potential repercussions for gambling cheats. The warnings are there, but the subject of card counting remains a grey one. Is it still a cheat that players use, and how? Is counting cards possible in the world of online casinos?

Counting cards, in fact, poses a minimum threat to the online gambling market. Online casino games are powered by computer software which uses complex algorithms, and is designed to safeguard casino operators from gambling cheats

Live casino Blackjack games, however, are played in real-time and feature a real dealer, rather than computer software. Despite the lack of complex computer algorithms controlling the cards and odds, though, it is substantially more difficult to count cards since the player is unaware of how many decks the human dealer is playing with.

Should I Play Live Blackjack?

Many online slots Canadian players – just like Blackjack players – are uncertain of the odds of online casino games. It’s easy to assume that in the absence of a human live dealer, the computer software will manipulate the game results to work in the favour of the online casino. Rest assured that reputable online casinos in Canada are regulated for fair play as well as safety and security. For any prospective card counters, however, the task is almost impossible, since the deck is shuffled after every hand.

During live casino games, there is an element of possibility of gaining insight into the current hand, thanks to the dealer’s facial expressions. With regular online Blackjack games, this is impossible, of course. Some players watch out for eyebrow raises or very subtle mannerisms that can give away information about a current hand. It’s worth knowing that the best dealers are highly trained, in order to avoid giving anything away.

Playing Live Casino Blackjack is often worthwhile. For most players, seeing and playing with a live dealer brings an authentic casino experience, which is also convenient and accessible from the comforts of their own home.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it is certainly a possibility to count cards and second guess the human dealer while playing Live Blackjack online. However, the odds of card counting being successful is small. There are many measures in place that restricts counting cards gaining a win over a casino, and the house is often one step ahead.

When it comes to regular online Blackjack, Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithms are incredibly complex, and it would require a highly developed algorithm prediction software programme in order to guess results and manipulate the game odds. For that reason, it is pretty much impossible for most of us to use any tricks or cheats, and barely worth your time trying. Instead, we recommend focusing on the game at hand, playing responsibly and enjoying a suspenseful and entertaining game of online Blackjack or Live Dealer Blackjack.