4 Ways to Keep Your Beard Thick 


You can’t just expect your dream beard to appear on your face while you’re sleeping – it just doesn’t work like that! To create a beard you can be truly proud of; you need to use the right products and be patient. Here are four ways to create an awesome beard and keep it thick throughout the year. 

Opt for a beard booster 

Arguably the best way to keep your beard thick this year is to opt for a beard booster. Sons’ beard booster contains a 3% Minoxidil solution and can stimulate the growth of the hair follicles on your face, providing you apply it correctly. It can effectively help you cultivate a fuller and thicker beard, and you may start to see results after a period of just three months of regular application. So, if you’re hoping for a thicker and fuller beard, utilising a beard booster is a good way to go about it.

Let your facial hair grow 

There’s no doubt that when your beard reaches a certain level, it’s dying to be trimmed. Equally, errant and unruly beard hairs certainly don’t look great. But you need to resist the temptation of cutting your beard at this stage, instead of leaving it to grow. This will allow your beard to grow over the patches and fill out. We’d suggest letting your beard grow out for at least a month before tidying things up. 

Improve your diet 

Eating the right things and following a balanced diet may help the growth of your facial hair. The main reason for this is that obesity can lower testosterone levels in your body, which is a key driving force behind beard growth. Make sure the foods you eat are rich in minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and carbs, as well as zinc to give your beard the best chance of success. Eating the right things is also good for your general health, so it’s worth improving your diet for a range of other reasons, not just to help you grow a beard. 

Treat your facial hair 

For a full and thick beard, you need to treat your facial hair regularly. You should get into a routine of regularly washing and exfoliating your beard, as this will help it grow in the right way and ensure you look smart. Exfoliating your beard removes dead skin and debris from your hair follicles while preventing ingrown hairs from causing any issues. You should also use shampoo and conditioner when washing your beard, just as you do when washing the hair on your head. Developing a hair care routine for your beard will help you see the results that you desire. 

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