3 Best Combining Tools to Merge Your PDFs

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Managing a lot of PDFs is sometimes confusing and inconvenient. With that, you need a convenient and reliable tool in handling your PDF files, especially merging them to avoid the hassle. Searching for those tools is not a problem because this article will give you the best PDF combining tools. So here’s a list of the best PDF combining tools to merge your PDF files

PDF Bear

If you need a convenient way to do a PDF merge without any difficulties or complications, PDF Bear got you covered. This software can provide its merger to combine different PDF files into one PDF file in a few clicks. Besides its merging tool, users can use PDF Bear to split, repair, unlock, protect, compress, and convert PDFs. Users can utilize PDF Bear for free, and every file uploaded to the server are removed after 60 minutes.

It’s quite convenient, and anyone across the globe can access PDF Bear if they have the right device and an internet connection. If you want to use the different tools of this software, you can access them with your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. Because PDF Bear is a web-based tool, your documents will remain private and confidential.


PDFbinder is featured as among the best and simplest PDF merging tool for Windows. It’s a great tool to use if you want to combine your PDF files in seconds. Among its advantages is that you don’t need an internet connection if you want to upload, download, and merge your files. PDFbinder also has a browse bar so that you can easily search for your files or do a batch conversion through the “Drag and Drop” feature.

To add to that, you can move the PDF files after they are uploaded by moving those files down or up to put them in the perfect position. Users can merge their PDF files in seconds, and PDFbinder ensures the security and privacy of your documents. Your files are safe. After all, you don’t have to upload anything online because everything is done offline.


SmallPDF is another reliable web-based PDF merging tool that anyone can use. With this platform, all uploaded documents are secured because they are all removed within 60 minutes after uploading. Adding your PDFs is convenient because you can do it from your computer or cloud platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive. SmallPDF is quite reliable, and anyone can access it in every operating system.

Users can also modify their files and arrange properly after those files are uploaded in the merger. With that said, drag the pages in the merger if you want to rearrange or delete some PDF pages. SmallPDF won’t restrict the users from doing multiple merging processes, and combing your PDFs will be smooth and straightforward.


If you always handle or encounter PDF files, you should start using PDF tools, notably the PDF merger, to handle your files easily. If having multiple PDFs annoys you, use the merging tool to combine those files into a PDF file. With that, it’s easier to utilize and manage your PDFs.