NBA Odds and Predictions: The Teams That Can Make It to The NBA Finals


It was really not expected a few months ago that the NBA playoffs would start again but it really did. For NBA devotees, it seems like hundreds of years since they haven’t seen their favorite NBA team in the arena. Well, now all the games are being played in Florida without fans in the arena but they surely won’t be missing the games even for the single second from their smartphone or the TV screen.

Now the top five teams have remained in the race for the National Basketball Championship of this year. One name from the race would be clipped very soon. This would come to know when Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets face each other in the only decided conference semifinal series. Denver Nuggets have shown incredible performance by winning a streak of games subsequently falling into a 3-1 deficit. Experts are still doubtful about Denver’s odds of making it to the file. And if we see the latest trusted NBA odds at the reliable bookmaker, it shows that Nuggets have a long way to go.

There are many things to consider here but according to our research from various genuine oddsmakers, these are the NBA champions odds for season 2019-20.

Team Options for the Final in 2019-20 NBA Championship      

The Lakers => +135

The Clippers => +300

The Celtics => +360

Miami Heat => +480

The Nuggets => +1800               

The Favorites Are Los Angeles Lakers

We have checked various bookmakers and it seems that The Lakers are the favorites to win the championship this year. The team’s other players may be unreliable but when it comes to the star players, this team is surely aiming for the 2019-20 NBA Championship. The duo of Davis and James is unmatchable in the game currently. This star duo has driven the 16-time NBA champion team to an 8-2 best. It would be very hard to stop Anthony Davis and LeBron James for the players of the defense team.

Even in his recent interview, Davis told that he sees everything is going smoothly like they have expected and obviously their goal is to win the finals. They are just 8 wins away from the championship. Los Angeles Lakers would grab the NBA Championship after 10 years (last won in 2010) if odds are to be believed. Well, this NBA team may not provide the biggest ROI to their betting supporters’ finance, however, the trade-off is getting the crowd with the most remarkable in the general roof.                     

Boston Celtics Can Be the Value Bet

The Celtics deserve really huge applause for expelling the Raptors and Sixers in back to back rounds. Experts from ESPN also believe that the Boston Celtics is one of the best teams for a value bet. The team has Marcus who is considered enough to guard the volatile players of the Miami Heat when they would face off. Heat can be a tough rival for the team but we all know what this team is capable of.

Boston could the best option that can win the East. And if it makes it to the finals against The Lakers or The Clippers, the Celtics has more chance to grab the championship. But if they have to face Denver Nuggets then odds may get changed.                    

Denver Nuggets Can Be the Long Shots

Well, Denver Nuggets has a long way to go and that is why it is considered to be the long shot in the NBA odds of this year. The upcoming game of it against The Clippers doesn’t show the possibility of winning but if it does, then, it can be unstoppable for the next two rounds. Nuggets are packed with some of the powerful players in the series. This team has already proved wrong too many odds of the doubters and it can even change the odds in the future if it wins against The Clipper, which seems quite doubtful.

Important NBA Betting Tips

These are some of the important tips to keep in mind when you are wagering your money in this basketball league.

Choose the Right Bookmaker

This is one of the basic but the most important things to consider when betting in the NBA or any other game or series. Always choose the trusted online sports betting provider that offers the best odds and tips along with great bonuses.

Do Your Own Research

This tip will not only help you in the NBA but also other games. Getting the best tips and the odds from the bookmakers and the experts in the good head start but never forget to do your own homework that will help you to formulate your own strategies.

Pay Attention to the Other Factors

Sometimes the history, home ground (this is not possible in this playoff as all the games are being played at single court in Orlando), injuries, the physique and wellbeing of the players, and many other things need to be considered. The news about the team and the players should be your prime concern before wagering your money.

Money Management

The last common tips when betting in the NBA, a punter needs to manage his/her bankroll very efficiently. Once you have got the right odds and the perfect strategies to apply, you have to decide the budget of your wagering. You should have a proper money management plant unless it can damage your bankroll even if you have some winning streaks.