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Marvel Vs Dc: Everything You Need To Know

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Marvel Vs Dc, who is better, is an argument that has been on for ages. I mean, there have been intensive debates which have been spawned out of rivalry and not based on fact. This has risen to give out a lot of misleading answers to fans and everyone else interested in the topic. Personally, I love good movies and comics. However, when it comes to Marvel vs Dc, I too, am drawn to one part. Not entirely, but I am more of a Marvel fan than Dc’s. This is majorly because I see more of television shows than comics and for which marvel sort of have more of. Again, that will not, in any way, affect my answer on this question. Answers here will be based on facts and not on speculations or favoritism.I will be basing my answer on a couple of milestones which includes;

  • Character performances
  • Comic characters
  • Movie gross and income
  • Comic sales
  • Animation

Character Performances

When it comes to character adoption from comics to television, Marvel has done a brilliant job with the MCU and their character performances. One of Dc’s marketing strategies and one of their pitfalls are capitalizing on big-time actors to take on roles. This has ensured they sold more than they would have, but it has also led to their inconsistencies in characters. The marvel cinematic universe has currently run 10 years, and no character has ever left. The same cannot be said of Dc. We have seen the studio change from one superman and batman character over the years. Also, Marvel has always been known to bring a light and fun approach to fans. However, Dc is quite the opposite. They prefer dark and serious movies. And by dark, I do not just mean like dark villains, I also mean that Dc movies are literarily very dark. They also care about how their character appears on movies than actually bringing the comic version of that character to live. So, Marvel vs Dc, who has better character performances, Marvel takes it.


Both Marvel and dc started their comics around the same period. Needless to say, both studios have a vast collection of characters and of which fans are simply drawn to one or the other based on their distinctive qualities. Same thing when you think about their villains. However, Dc has been around slightly longer than Marvel, and why it might not be the reason, Dc does have more outstanding characters (heroes and villains inclusive) than Marvel. Shame they do not bring the majority of these characters into television and place all focus on notable characters like the 7 major justice league characters. So, for overall comic characters in the Marvel vs Dc clash, Dc takes this one.

Movie Gross and Income

When it comes to gross and making money from movies, Marvel has outshined Dc in all angles. With the acquisition of marvel by Disney, this furthermore strengthens marvels position in making more money off each movie release. In the current total, Marvel has made a total of over $17 billion from the worldwide box office, which is more than Dc has made. Again, in the Marvel vs Dc debate, Marvel gets this one. If you are counting, this will make it 2 to 1 with Marvel taking the lead.

Comic Book Sales

When it comes to comics, one has to be a comic enthusiast to realize that other than Marvel and Dc, there are other great comic publishers out there. I know I didn’t. According to this chart of January 2018 comic sales, Marvel was a top publisher with 34.30% retailer and 36.69% unit shares. However, on unit shipped, Dc was the top publisher of the month with a 38.94% unit share.

This implies that Marvel makes more money, but Dc sells more comics. This is due to both comic prices. While Marvel has a $3.99 baseline price, Dc has 2.99$. Thus, Dc sells more on comics that Marvel does. It is as simple as that. Dc wins this round on Marvel vs Dc contest.


To be as blunt as possible, Dc has more animations in view than Marvel. While the majority of their animation is still based on their lead characters, they are still pretty great animations. Easily this goes to Dc. While Marvel has also made their fair share of animations with one of the recent being Spiderman; into the multi-verse and other pretty great animations. They are, however, still pretty few and incomparable to the numbers and quality the Dc studio has out there.

The Bottom Line

A really close one if you ask me, but I have to give it to Dc. Though this ekes me as a marvel fan, this compilation, like I said earlier, is based on fact and not on speculations. So, by a slim chance, I will have to say in answer to the question of who is better between Marvel vs. Dc is Dc. However, this changes nothing. Every Dc and Marvel fan know what precisely what they derive from both studios. This doesn’t in any way make any superior or inferior to the other.

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