What are the features and Benefits of Cannabis?


Also known as marijuana, cannabis is a psychoactive drug that many use for medical and recreational purposes. It has many other names, and people call it by various names in different places. In some US states, medical practitioners use it for treating chronic pain, glaucoma, etc. Cannabis comes from a plant and is 100% natural. Other parts of this plant, such as dried leaves, stems, and seeds, are useful for various purposes.

Nowadays, online delivery of cannabis is very common. If you are a resident of Canada, you may want to try out the Cannakiss weed delivery for mail-order marijuana. Research by the National Survey on Drug Use and Healthshows that 45.30% of people aged more than 12 years use marijuana to reduce anxiety and stress.

Let us analyze the features and benefits of the weed.


Components of Cannabis are known as cannabinoids, and there are more than 120 cannabinoids in it. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a psychoactive component of cannabis. However, it is non-intoxicating as it won’t get you high. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain. It is often useful to decrease medical conditions like nausea, migraine, seizures, etc. Another component is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it makes people high on weed. You may buy a weed that has CBD for medical use. 

Short-term effects

Products containing a very high level of CBD than THC have medical benefits. Some of the short-term effects of cannabis are as follows:-

  1. Increase in appetite
  2. More focus
  3. Giddiness
  4. Creativity
  5. Relaxation
  6. Intence experience of sight and sound
  7. Reduction in depression, stress, and anxiety

However, the effects depend on your method of consumption.

Dependency and Addiction

Using anything more than the limit is wrong. Consumption of marijuana for recreational and medical use is okay. But, as soon as you feel you are dependent on it, take a step back. Your brain must not become dependent on cannabis for everything. Addiction to weed can bring out several adverse effects that can harm your body. Some of these effects are as follows:-

  1. Memory loss – Some studies claim that cannabis is responsible for acute memory loss in smokers.
  • Testicular cancer- Consumption of cannabis more than 50 times in a lifetime can be a significant cause of testicular cancer.
  • Gum disease- To some extent, marijuana is also responsible for gum diseases. American dentists claim that oral intake of weed can negatively affect the gums.

While buying weed for consumption, make sure to order from a trusted source so that you get the best.

Mail-order Cannabis

You might want to try cannabis after knowing the above effects. Before ordering one, consider asking your doctor. Especially if you are taking any particular medications, a doctor’s advice is a must. Online mail-order is available in almost every place. Try checking stores that sell good quality for getting some of the best small-batch craft grown cannabis. You can use it for your benefit without having to step out of your house.