Manchester United and Van De Beek, A Match Made in Hell


A terrible 90 minutes became a terrible 120 minutes against West Ham on Tuesday night, but at least Donny Van De Beek’s torture ended after 73 minutes, having had a miserable time on the pitch of play for much of his time on the field. The Dutch star appears absolutely lost in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United team.

While star midfielder Bruno Fernandes was attempting to warm up on the touchline, Dutchman Van De Beek was gazing at the fourth official, extremely sure that his jersey number would be raised by the official to be substituted. And of course, that was the case. Manager Solskjaer was not going to do otherwise, as much as many Manchester United fans and pundits alike wanted him to take off one of the midfielders and drop been into that position. After all, Beek’sbest display in the Manchester United jersey came in a withdrawn position as a partner to South American midfielder Fred rather than as a stand-in for Manchester United’s talisman and are willing to place some odds on the player.

After that 4-1 UEFA Champions League victory, he must hope that Ole remembers his best performance in a United jersey – and begins to see him as a real, technical alternative in the midfield rather than just an understudy to Bruno Fernandes. It was not the case and now may never occur, with Beek stuck in the position that nobody desires – back-up to the club’s most informed player. Many fans of the player, especially fans of his youtube videos will agree that Beek deserves better than he’s getting at the club presently.

Van De Beek never appeared comfortable against David Moyes’ side on Tuesday, largely left stranded by his colleagues who look for Bruno instead and then worry themselves into doing nothing when they fail to locate him with the ball. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Bruno Fernandes is the player his colleagues try to locate with the ball on 72 occasions in every 90 minutes of League action. While at his former club at Ajax, Van De Beek dodged and darted and expected to be located, but at Old Trafford, in a Manchester United jersey, they are used to Bruno Fernandes unsubtly demanding the ball every time. The Portuguese are the perfect teammate for players like Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Fred; Beek is indeed not. Despite that, Australia online casino is stilling willing to predict the Dutchman’s career at the Old Trafford.

The Dutch international midfielder left the pitch on the night having been caught offside twice than he had either created chances or taken shots. That’s what you get when you have limited playing time and are highly desperately trying to play a football style that’s against your style. In a match with literally no outstanding performer, Beek emerged from amongst his pairs only for negative thoughts.

The final kick in the nuts for Beek was the winning goal from the boot of youngster Scott McTominay, finding the net with the exact run that Dutch midfielder Van De Beek would relish making from that same position. That Scot McTominay has netted seven goals this campaign for Manchester United must sting Van De Beek, who has had limited playing time for a player of his class and level.