The many ways of smoking marijuana


Those who consume cannabis for recreation do not care much about health because they want to enjoy the high, which takes them to a world of fantasy and make-belief that makes them the happiest person in the world.  At least they feel it that way and want to reach the ecstatic stage in the shortest possible time, which is only possible by smoking the product. How soon you achieve the state of happiness depends on the THC content in cannabis purchased from the online dispensary WeedSmart, the compound responsible for altering the state of mind and driving it towards euphoria. But regardless of the THC content, cannabis acts the fastest on the body when you smoke or inhale it as the weed starts acting within seconds because it takes the shortest route via lungs to mix with the bloodstream.

The reason for the fast action of action

Cannabis contains THC, and its action begins as soon as it reaches the brain. Since you are smoking or inhaling cannabis, the smoke or vapor passes through your mouth and reaches the lungs, which runs the risk of damage if you continue smoking for a long time, as it happens when smoking tobacco. Since the bloodstream carrying cannabis travels at an incredible speed of three to four miles per hour on average, it takes just a few minutes for the THC to reach the brain and provide the much-needed high. Studies have shown that this is the fastest method of cannabis activation in the brain, and no other consumption methods can match the speed.

Beware of lung damage

Everything has a cost, and you must be ready to pay the price for maximum enjoyment with cannabis by accepting the lung damage from smoking or vaping. When you are smoking cannabis, the process of burning cannabis, known as decarboxylation, burns not only the cannabis but also the paper material used for wrapping the product. The foreign substances adversely affect the sensitive tissues of the lungs.

Smoking options

There are several options of smoking marijuana, and you can pick your choice by knowing what these processes actually involve and how comfortable you would be to carry on with it.

Joint – One of the most well-known cannabis delivery systems is joints that are akin to smoking cigarettes. In places where cigarette smoking is more prevalent and popular, like in Europe, the usual method is to create a hybrid of tobacco and cannabis and fill it in the cigarette for smoking. The effects of cannabis are almost instant.

Blunts – Although the name is different, the method of rolling the weed and smoking is the same as joints. The only difference is that blunts are made from cigar papers and thicker and hold a larger amount of weedthat make them more powerful than joints.

Pipes and bowls – The devices do away with the cigarette or cigar paper as you can place the weed inside the device and light it up for smoking. However, the taste might be different as it lacks the smooth flavor of cigarette paper.

In addition to the above, you can try the options of bongs, bubblers, and vaporizers to add more variety and style.