Can We Write Business Emails in Multiple Languages?


Sending emails is no doubt an old technique. But it is probably an effective method of business branding. As a business owner, you can fill the communication gap with your customers and associates using emails. Many small and large organizations use emails as primary communication channels. Now you can even see a number of eCommerce giants sending electronic mails to customers. The best thing about this communiqué technology is that it is accessible in several languages. Yes, you heard it right! Sending emails other than English is possible now. There are numerous apps that contribute significantly in this regard. 

Translate emails to any script with Unicode

  • Running a business promotion campaign using emails is trending among organizations. Not only in India, but you can send emails to your international customers in their native lingos. ISM Malayalam is the most useful software that renders top-notch text translation services to businesses. As the name suggests, it works to form email content in Malayalam. If you have a business associate in South India, then it could prove a beneficial app. 
  • Take the example of this LIC Assistant Prelims Result 2019 mailer sent by the government. It used the same translator in their email scripts. 
  • You can make communication a flawless endeavor by simply converting English text into Malayalam. You can even use ISM Malayalam if you do not have knowledge about the Malayalam accent. It supports Unicode fonts and Rupee symbols to make messaging simple, fast, and precise. 

Break language barriers with multiple phrased emails

  • If your business has no limits then language would not become a communication barrier for you. If you have business partners or clients in other countries, then you can send targeted emails in their local scripts. For instance, if you import-export with a client based in Thailand, then you can exchange messages in specific phrases. There are apps that convert English into Thai content. Thus, nothing could stop you to bridge an obstacle-free communication channel. Despite the size, location, and distance, you can make your content instantly understood by overseas clients. You can download international keyboards and run them seamlessly on the desktop to serve your purpose. 
  • Sending promotional emails to overseas clients in native lingos certainly makes a good impression. It would help your business to get leads from foreign customers. You can expand your trade without worrying about language differences. 

Send same email content in two languages

  • Sometimes, you might have to use two languages for single email content as per the requirements of the customer. A client may have another business subordinate that is connected to your business indirectly. So, the client might feel the urge to receive emails in two different scripts. For example, if you want to send information to an associate in the Tamil region. Then you can use a tool that can translate the English content into Tamil. It can form email with dual phrases such as Hello in English and Vanakkam in Tamil font.   
  • However, it could be a daunting chore when it comes to writing information using long paragraphs. For such a purpose, you need an instant automated transliteration system to run on your PC. 

Make Gmail your default email system in the native language

  • The modern technology of typing apps has enabled users to set Gmail as the default system for emails in native phrases. You do not need to alter an internal system setting for such a purpose. Though, it is your own choice to make internal system settings with Gmail. But, the results might differ due to the partial use of fonts for the desired language. For writing and sending emails in Bengali, you can use Amar Bangla for example. This app allows you to have precise typing of text in Bangla. 
  • You can use it for self-conversion of English text by just pressing the spacebar of your normal QWERTY keyboard. Amar Bangla works with free Unicode Bengali fonts, so you can get a precise text. You can now download epfo admit card 2019 online. 

Represent professional image of your business

Establishing a professional image is the demand of modern business standards. Due to aggressive competition, you have to go the extra mile to retain your clients. If you were not able to fulfill their specific needs by sending emails in native idioms, it would not work. The use of typing apps is crucial to engrave electronic mails to create a first impression on the customers. 

To conclude, email writing is possible in a variety of languages. You simply need to discover your exact need and find the right platform. The above-mentioned typing apps are really beneficial that can entirely change the email marketing setting. But, you must utilize them correctly and deliberately.