Why Does Maxwell Drever and Galen Gets Counted on During a Hotel Conversion into an Affordable Workforce Housing?

Maxwell Drever
Maxwell Drever

If you read about the property market in the United States, you will realize that the housing crisis is serious. And the pandemic outbreak has increased this problem and made many people go homeless. We are currently passing through a time when staying at home is essential. Since the pandemic made many Americans lose their jobs or witness salary cuts, they eventually get evicted from their home by their landlords. Staying on the streets and homelessness will make many people suffer from the virus. Also, there are many Americans who live in unhealthy conditions. The answer for all these issues is the same – the development and supply of more affordable workforce housing.

The mass hotel conversions are taking place

Different government authorities, developers, real estate groups, and business leaders are trying to help this cause in various ways. Several hotel owners have the space to convert their properties into student homes, condominiums, and assisted living units. Maxwell Drever says that the need for the hour is low-cost housing for the workforce and low-income households. Since the hotel industry has been adversely affected by the pandemic, certain hoteliers had to shut shop for a few hotel branches. Today, the hoteliers have also responded to this. Handing these properties that have less or rare occupancies to get converted into an affordable housing unit is putting a property into use again, which otherwise has the chance to become redundant.

A hotel has the required space to get converted into a living space for low-income households. It will provide them with shelter and a secured ambiance, that will shape their life for the better.

Why do hotel owners count on Galen and Drever?

Converting a hotel property into an affordable housing space might seem easy, but it’s challenging and requires proper research and planning. A hotel is a lavish space, that is mostly meant for people who belong to the higher strata of society. Hence, it is not easy to undergo this transformation. When a low-cost housing space is targeted for low-income families who need a house, it’s essential for architects involved in such a project to erase the past lavishness of the hotel and make it appear like a secure, simple, and stable house for low-income households.

And here, hotel owners tend to count on Galen and Maxwell Drever because of their business insight and years of experience. Drever helps the hotel owners to understand the psyche of the low-income households before commencing the project. Also, he highlights that American society includes both homeless people and people who don’t have access to reasonably priced homes. And through the affordable workforce housing projects, both these needs can be effectively met. It is essential to consider the aesthetics of the project and the construction cost so that the authorities don’t end up spending more than the required amount for the project. Drever enables hoteliers to see the future of such a noble project through his business views and expertise.