Advice for Caring for Grandparents


One of the biggest challenges in life is watching our loved ones age. When we’re small kids, our parents and grandparents seem invincible, and so capable of doing everything we’re not yet mastered. But as we grow, they age, and eventually the tables turn. The ways in which they cared for us, now become the ways in which we take care of them. If you’re close to your grandparents, then there’s a good chance that you may want to help in caring for them as they become unable to be self sufficient. Here is some advice for caring for grandparents:

1. Consider a Stairlift
Starlifts are a great way to transform a space you already have and to make it more accessible. This could be a good option if your grandparents want to stay in their own home and it’s two stories, or you want to transform your home so it’s more accessible to them. While a Starlift can be a considerable investment, it’s much more affordable than selling your home. For my family, knowing that we wouldn’t have to worry about our grandparents falling down the stairs and injuring themselves, was really priceless. Companion Stairlifts have a number of great options to suit a range of stair types and home styles.

2. Involve Them in the Plans
While it can be tempting to gather together with your siblings and parents, and to create a solid plan of action for your grandparents, the reality is it is their life and their opinions matter most. You’ll have to potentially navigate financial limitations as well as their ageing preferences to find a plan that works for everyone. It can be good meeting together to see how everyone sees themselves contributing to their care, but it is very important to involve your grandparents and to follow their wishes as much as possible.

3. Think Long Term

Often times we focus on the best-case-scenario, or the short term situation and only plan around that. But it’s important to look at the longer term too. What’s working for our grandparents right now, might not be even an option in a year or five years. For that reason I prefer to focus on solutions that will last longer too, such as making the home ageing-friendly and longer term financial planning. Hopefully your grandparents will be around for many more years, so having a plan that looks to the long term can help you best prepare.

Caring for grandparents can be a really special experience, especially once the logistics are properly taken care of. Work together with your other family members to create a solid, respectful plan that will help ensure their happiness and wellbeing during their golden years.