Loving Your Skin Isn’t Vain


Having a skincare routine is an important and easy way to ensure that your skin remains at its best. Yet, people often hear the words “skincare routine” and begin to silently judge those pompous enough to have one as vain, self-centered, narcissistic, or shallow. But why is that the case? 

Why should people think that just because someone wants to take care of their skin that they are anything like vain or shallow? You would be surprised to know that the answer is very cultural. 

Skincare doesn’t have the same negative connotations as it does in the USA or in other countries. Take South Korea and Japan, for example; caring for your skin is the same as having a fitness routine; it is an essential part of taking care of yourself. Or look at India or Mexico, which take things too far in the other direction with their obsession with fair skin tones and skin-lightening products.

Skincare Is Self-care

Having a skincare routine is essential to keep our skin healthy and protected. The skin is the largest organ we have. It stretches all over our body and forms a barrier between the internal organs and the outside. It regularly takes a beating. 

Our skin is damaged by the sun, by pollution, by stress, by chemicals, and by aging. By caring for our skin regularly, not only are we keeping it healthy, but we are keeping our looks fresh. And in order to care for our skin as it takes such regular damage, we often need to have good skin care products like the ones available at The Flower Pot

Wanting to look good is not a crime. It is just a form of self-love and self-care. You wish to look good for yourself, and it has added benefits as well. If someone believes that having a skincare routine is a sign of vanity, then they must also think that going to the gym is a sign of vanity as well.

Both these practices are for similar reasons. Both are done so that our body remains in the best state possible; one focuses on its physical fitness while the other on its exterior protection. They are also regularly done. Both can be as complicated or as simple as needed; just doing them is better than not doing anything at all.

Brightening Your Day 

Taking care of yourself, whether it is in the form of treating yourself to some chocolates or with a long and luxurious skincare routine, will always put you in a good mood. There is always something in life to be worried about or stressed about. If doing something good for ourselves makes us feel happier, healthier, and more energetic, why should we stop doing those things? 

Just like dressing yourself nicely can make you feel better inside, putting effort into your appearance can also have the same effects on your psyche. While beauty shouldn’t always be idealized, trying to look better should not be villainized either.