Tools to Help you Stay Social While at Home


Staying alone is dangerous. For the past few months, COVID-19 happenings have made many nations put restrictive measures. The trend had to take a new route whereby people no longer worked from offices, and everyone had to observe the social-distancing rule. It can be easy to stay alone in such hard times because there are no longer social gatherings. However, staying away from people is a tricky measure. As human beings, we are used to connecting with family and friends on different events as we enjoy life. You don’t need to be lonely during such challenging times because technology has enabled us to connect with others via various applications. You can get best essay help to make sure that your time is not occupied by endless homework and you can stay social. Read below to evaluate the best apps to keep you connected with others.

  • Netflix and Chill Virtually

During restrictive measures like lockdown and social distancing, it is hard to call friends in your home or visit other friends to watch good content together. Maybe you all have a collection of events to watch, but it is hard. Do not worry because you can stream and watch everything you had desired to with the following extensions.

  • Netflix Party- It is a Google Chrome extension that connects the parties watching together. If you want to use the extension effectively, everyone watching must install it on their chrome on the desktop. The next step is to click on Netflix, then the NP icon. You will get a link to share with others. After that, you will watch all episodes together. The best aspect of this is the chat feature.
  • Kast: It operates like the Netflix party, but you can only share the contents on your screen. You can use it for games, videos, and shows. The advantage of Kast is that you can use it on either tablets, phones, or computers.

Another simple way to get connected with friends while watching is using the phone. Think of a show that fascinates all of you and agree on the time to watch. As you watch, you can keep chatting interactively as you all enjoy the show.

  • Video Chatting

With social distancing, you can rarely meet your friend and have a chat. Coronavirus has pushed people to stay far apart. You can’t even visit a friend and check on their welfare physically. You can’t travel with your kids from one town to another to meet other relatives. Do not get lonely because you cannot move around freely. You can install and use some of the following video call apps and connect with friends and family.

  • Zoom

Many business organizations use zoon to connect with other employees. A pandemic cannot stop a business from moving ahead where there are such options. Yes, people work from home but connect via zoom, where people exchange ideas while managers give updates on the company’s progress. Teachers, too, can use zoom and connect with students to keep learning. Zoom is available free of charge, and it can host up to 100 people per session. You need to install the app on your phone and invite others to join your live chat.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a universal app that everyone with a smartphone can access. You can chat, video call, or voice call to family and friends far away. You do not have to worry about your data’s privacy because the app has end-to-end encryption, a feature that secures all your information private.

  • Google Hangouts

Again, use the Google Hangout app to text chat or video chat with family and friends. The app is simple to use, and it is available across multiple devices.