Hot Celebs Who Admit and Denies of Having Boob Jobs


With huge money rolling in, the pressure to look sexy all the time, and access to cosmetic surgeons, many Hollywood celebs have undergone boob jobs. Some admit to the fact, while others deny. Therefore, it is no wonder why Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Megan Fox, or Carmen Electra had been under the knife for getting big, bouncy boobs that they can flaunt. When it comes to celeb breast implants, it is quite common in the glamour and entertainment industry.

According to an article published on, Christina Hendricks cited that she loves to live with her big boobs. Here are some of the hot celebs who admit and some deny of having breast implants:

Kaley Cuoco



The Big Bang Theory star opted for a breast implant when she was just 18 and acknowledged to the Cosmopolitan that it is the best decision in her life. She looks hot and ravishing. The actress gives credit to her breast implant job and not the TV show. She has been quite honest about the fact that she had been under the knife

After separating from Ryan, her husband, she acknowledges having her nose and boobs done, the best things she ever did in life. You love to like your inner person as much as you love to look great, she said. She cited that women should not do so for men, but for themselves if women feel good, amazing, and confident. Kaley controls her eating habits and work out regularly to look new, beautiful, and healthy.

Pamela Anderson



Pamela of Baywatch and Barb Wire fame augmented her boobs, reduced her breast size, and again opted for a boob job. She is quite candid about these implants and had regretted being under the knife. In the year 1999, Anderson decided to remove her implants and cited that she wanted to do this for a very long time and happy with her decision.

Boob Job

She transformed and looked stunning with her boob job. Pamela looked hot, sexy, and busty. She had never a dull moment in her entire life. You can imagine Pamela in the 90s, her huge bosom, blonde hair, and pouty lips to make her the ultimate busty babe desirable to men from all over the world. She posed as a model for Playboy back in 1989 when Pamela was just 22 years old.

Hayden Panettiere



Hayden had a boob job but she never admitted the fact openly. The actress was a subject of debate that she was under the knife and when she was seen on the beach in a skimpy bikini flaunting her huge, sexy boobs, which looked much bigger and fuller than in her previous days. Her breasts also looked a little rippled, which is common after breast implants.

The hot boobs of Hayden make men’s day a real win. Her boobs are full, busty, and beautiful. The pictures are going viral among her fans. Hayden has an awesome chest that she sports confidently in photo shoots.


Now, these were some celebs, who admitted having a boob job and Haden, who did not. No matter what, these women continue to look hot and sexy in their new avatar after a boob job.