Family-Friendly Educational Experiences in Myrtle Beach


Plan a family field trip this summer to Myrtle Beach, where playtime at the beach pairs well with the vast offering of all-ages learning experiences. The variety of interactive Myrtle Beach museums and outdoor educational adventures foster the light of curiosity in both kids and adults in a fun and accessible ways. Find enrichment while on vacation from these firsthand experiences of nature, science, history, and ecology.

Nature Encounters at Ripley’s Aquarium

At Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, you’ll spend some up-close time with marine creatures like sharks, jellies, penguins, tropical reef fish, and poisonous dart frogs. Head over to Ray Bay to touch a friendly stingray, or sign up for a VIP experience to pet a penguin. Take a ride on a glass-bottom boat to glide over the predators of Dangerous Reef or a stroll along the 340-foot glide path through a transparent tunnel surrounded by sea creatures. Aside from two floors of awe-inspiring marine exhibits, Ripley’s Aquarium also hosts family-friendly events like painting with penguins and sleepovers with sharks.

Science Games at WonderWorks

WonderWorks is another excellent choice for kids. Explore over 100 interactive exhibits teaching fascinating concepts in various fields of science. For instance, Hurricane Shack demonstrates how pressure differences create thunderstorms with up to 155 mph winds. Meanwhile, the Astronaut Training Challenge sends two people spinning in a gyroscope for a sense of weightlessness. At WonderWorks, both kids and adults can play through the exhibits and leave with greater knowledge about how the physical world works.

Historical Excursions at Plantation River Tours

Observe the remnants of Lowcountry history from the exciting vantage of a boat with Plantation River Tours & Airboat Tours. Their 2.5-hour pontoon boat tour embarks from Murrells Inlet to traverse the Waccamaw, Black, and Pee Dee Rivers. As you listen to educational narration from a local historian, you’ll encounter six plantations, trunk gates, and slave cabins, as well as scenic views and wildlife like alligators, eagles, and ospreys. The plantation tour at Plantation River Tours & Airboat Tours is a top-notch recommendation for families looking for a bit of educational content and a great excuse to get out on the water.

Ecological Adventures at Black River Outdoors

As you paddle gently down the still marsh waters, you’re likely to see an alligator sooner or later. After ducking your head under the moss hanging from the oak trees, you could look up to see a nest of cormorants. When you disembark from your kayak to splash around on the beach, you may be pleasantly surprised to find crabs, oysters, and even sea turtles! At Black River Outdoors, you can spend two or four hours paddling the swamps and salt marshes of Murrells Inlet to see all kinds of wildlife and plant life in its natural environment. Plus, your guide will share fascinating insights on how the flora and fauna interact to create the unique and thriving ecosystem of coastal South Carolina.

In Conclusion

Experience is the most effective teacher. In other words, the most impactful learning often happens outside the classroom. Both kids and adults take much more pleasure in learning when it engages the five senses and encourages play. Touch a stingray’s smooth wings, or try on an EVA suit. Travel back in time to the plantation days, or hear the call of osprey and the splash of alligators. No matter where your Myrtle Beach vacation takes you, your family will come away with the priceless knowledge of a fun experience.