Meghan Markle Done with Jessica Mulroney after Distasteful Social Media Feud

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No more best friends forever, huh! Yes, you have heard it right. Meghan Markle is done with Jessica Mulroney after the social media row. Jessica, a Canadian stylist, who is 40 now created headlines early in June after she intimidated Meghan, former American actress, a humanist, and the Duchess of Sussex, accusing her of ‘textbook white privilege’.       

When it was just a week after the social media scandal, an inside source revealed. That Meghan, 37, puts an end to her friendship with Jessica after the social media disgrace.

The duos are no longer BFF

The bond between Meghan and Jessica was waning, of late, prior to the social media drama unfolded before us. Then, Markle has decided to sever ties with Jessica forever. Though Meghan has been supportive of Jessica all these years.

Markle is quite aware when people surrounding her life resort to things like this, particularly, when Markle is in Los Angeles and at a time, when times are sensitive, after the demise of Floyd. That is why Meghan is extremely watchful of her associations.

Jessica stood up for Meghan before

Jessica Mulroney did stand up for Meghan, the retired actress after she tied the knot with Prince Harry. Which raised too many eyebrows in the United Kingdom. Mulroney featured in several high-profile and glitzy magazines due to her affiliations with the royal family of Britain.

Before the social media feud and backlash began, the Canadian stylist’s career reached sky-high when she became extremely popular outside Canada. It has been possible because of a frequent style section on Good Morning America. Because of her disgraceful comments on social media.

Meghan is shocked because of her friend’s comment

Meghan is extremely shocked because of Jessica’s disdainful comments. How could she, after all, they had been BFF for such a long time? Meghan is upset with the comments Jessica made and used their friendship to disgrace her on a social media platform.

Meghan found it extremely offensive and therefore, made a firm decision to end her friendship and any kind of association with Jessica.

Jessica losing business opportunities

After the feud between Jessica and Meghan, the former is losing business prospects; though the Canadian stylist is expecting to move on in life and that too, quickly.

Jessica has appointed a huge crisis in public relations (PR) team to cope. With the backlash, she received after the social media outrage. Jessica is in constant touch with her lawyers, crisis PR teams, and image experts after she made the headline about Meghan.

It is sad how friendships end bitterly in the glamour world as we have all seen between Meghan and Jessica. Social media outrage and trolls are a big problem these days, more so if you are rich and famous.