Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach: career tips during the pandemic

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital
Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown life out of gear in every sector, from travel all the way to paper items. This upheaval will not spare the employment scene as well, therefore it is important to be aware of. There can be significant shifts happening in the area of employment. For example, during February the unemployment rate in the US was 3.5%.

Experts suggest work can change similar to the way new career options emerged and entrepreneurial spirit soared post 9/11. This means there is still opportunity to bank upon if you’re prepared. However, for this you will first need to understand how hiring and onboarding processes can change.

Exploring the changing nature of the recruitment system led by COVID-19 byBenjamin Gordon of Palm Beach

Desirable candidates

You can be successful in your career if you are able to work with people from different fields. While companies are willing to train you technically, they will behave less patience to teach you how to coordinate with others and gain trust.


Skilled employees’ educational qualifications still have relevance. For some positions, businesses give preference to college degrees. However, you may not need certain qualifications for non-licensed jobs, such as leadership roles as a lot of industries aremore open.

Transferable skills

It is a general understanding that years of experience and job titles look very impressive, however, transferable skills are also very important. How you deal withmajor setbacks and communicate with the team, especially through differences of opinion to solve a problem with a creative mind, can help you stand out in your field. This is a rare skill that no one can train you in.

Professionalism and experience

If you come from a customer service or business background, it may be easy for you to move from one industry to another. You have seen how businesses operate, garnered sufficient knowledge, and handled pressure at a workplace. These skills show your level of ability. You should realize and show case not only what your job was but what exactly you had to do. These traits can be even more in demand during uncertain times such as the pandemic.

Remote working culture

The pandemic has forced companies to implement working from home. During this duration, you don’t need to worry about the location of the workplace. Now geographic boundaries cannot impede your opportunities.

Job hopping

It is no longer the case that you can pursue only one career in your life. When businesses themselves want to be fluid in the matters of employment, it makes sense for employees to be as well. Although switching from one industry to another may not be so prevalent, rising job losses due to the pandemic can force people to look for opportunities in sectors that are likely to grow.

The seasoned professionals like Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beachadvise people to keep an eye on different options. If you are not a part of a thriving industry during this current situation, it is better to stay where you are and have your contingency plan ready.

Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach: How to update your resume and LinkedIn profile?

A few changes in your resume or job profile can make a huge impact. For instance, mentioning your viewpoints can be powerful than simply having a mission statement. You can talk about your work philosophy for what you are pursuing with the focus on what you think about the work and not on the type of job you wish to do.

Next you can speak about your achievements and how they benefited the company instead of concentrating on what all of your responsibilities were. The company should be able to see your problem-solving talent. For example, you can highlight if your endeavors resulted in cost-savings or better productivity, etc.

Remember, whatever you insert in your profile should be more about your transferable skills and career-building efforts. Things like company names and job titles are not as significant compared to these. Hence, you need to showcase your growth, learning curve, and capability enhancement.

When you write a cover letter, make sure it is an endeavor to establish a personal connection with the prospective company. You don’t have to deeply describe yourself or why you would be the right candidate, instead, depict real interest in what the company does and how its mission matches with yours.

These along with other things can eventually make your career recession-proof, whether it happened due to a virus outbreak or another cause. Continue growing your network and diversifying your experiences and skills to gain momentum and secure your position.