Top Tips for the Best Hookup Relationship


Hookup relationships are characterized by casual sexual encounters and having no long-term commitments for a future life together. Some of the forms of this relationship include flings, booty calls, and no-string attached arrangements. Those in hookup arrangements have no emotional attachment to each other and it is permissible to be seeing other partners while still together.

While one individual may be out to have a casual relationship, the other may be considering a long-term serious relationship, which may lead to complications and disappointments. To avoid such scenarios, both partners must understand the relationship from the onset. Below are some tips that can help you and your mate have the steamiest hookup relationship possible.

Be forthright about your intentions

As far as hookup arrangements are concerned, stating clearly your intentions is super important. While it may be hard to be so plain that you are not looking for a serious relationship, if you are out just for a casual thing, you should let your partner know it. You need to do it easily, say by saying something like, “I guess you know I am not after something serious but just fun.”

If you have found the right hookup partner, they will share the same intentions with you. However, if they have other goals, you could allow them some time to reconsider the arrangement and exit gracefully, if they think it is not what they want. You should not assume both of you are on the same page, but state your intention and let your partner state theirs, too. You can learn more about being on the same page and other tips for hooking up on Happymatches, the top dating website for all kind of relationships.

Both of you must consent to all activities

The basis of hooking up is to have fun and for both to derive benefits from the arrangement. As such, both of you have to give express consent for the various activities and things that you will engage in as a pair. Mutual agreement is the cornerstone of casual sex relationships. Also, if either of you wants to introduce anything new that was not agreed on earlier, they have to seek the consent of their partner.

Lead the way if necessary

Like in other relationships, hookups also have those awkward moments when each is waiting for the other to make the first move. And nothing can be worse than the tension of waiting and hoping the other leads, while it is apparent that both are for the arrangement and desperately want the passionate sessions. It would be best for you to take the reins into your hands and not shy from leaning in first. You should lead both of you in the direction you need to take, and you will be happy that you initiated things.

Allow yourselves enough time

Although both of you could have missed intimacy, and the temptation to jump directly into sex is so strong, taking some time to have foreplay could make your hookup unforgettable and more pleasurable. Having some eye contact, caressing, kissing, going for each other’s neck and other pre-sex stuff can significantly build up to a mind-blowing and memorable lovemaking experience.

There you have a few of the tips to make your hookup work and be fulfilling. Additionally, it would be best to find out your partner’s STI status. Get to know if they got tested recently, more so if you know they have several sexual partners. And you also need to disclose your status too. However, if asking about this makes them uneasy, it reveals to you something about them. Moreover, it would be best to part ways if they are offended by that.