Find out What Makes a Law Firm Turn down Your Car Accident Case

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When you meet with a motor accident, you would be short-listing firm a few different car accident lawyers and interviewing them before you make the decision to hire the right attorney for your case. As per, the judicial system in the United States of America resembles a Roach Motel- you could get into court easily while it would be pretty challenging to get out of the trap once you are stuck. 

Sometimes, law firms turn down or decline your request to represent you. You had been evaluating and performing a thorough background check of the law firm or a specific attorney. So that you could make the right choice. Similarly, the law firm’s attorney would be evaluating the potential of your personal injury case. The costs involved, their expertise, and the ability to rise up to your expectations and represent you well. There could be other crucial factors unassociated with your car accident case. Here are a few reasons why your lawyer has declined to represent you through this ordeal.

Liability Cannot Be Established

The car accident lawyer would first of all evaluate the liability issue. That somebody else has to pay for it legally. Suppose you are responsible for your own injuries, there is no question of liability or recovery. If the other party is responsible for the accident. In the event, nobody is legally responsible; the law firm that handles car accidents would be declining the case.

Damages Are Not Adequate

A personal injury case could be awarded a certain amount of money. Depending on the extent of damages suffered by the plaintiff. If the damages are quite low or negligible, it seems pretty impractical to pursue a lawsuit. 

Defendant Has Limited Resources 

A car accident lawyer would be rejecting a case if he finds that the defendant is lacking in resources for paying the claim. In the majority of the personal injury cases, we find that there is insurance coverage for paying the damages sustained by the accident victims. But in certain circumstances, insurance coverage would be denied, or sometimes, a private party fails to have applicable insurance coverage.

Poor Understanding & Rapport with Client

In certain cases, a car accident law firm may be compelled to reject a case. If they feel that they have failed to develop the right bond or rapport with a specific client. Your attorney gets the feeling that you do not find him trustworthy, he may decline the lawsuit offer. If he is unable to communicate properly with you or develop perfect understanding. He may reject the case because he would not like to face any issues down the line.

Other Lawyers Have Previously Declined

Sometimes, when a personal injury lawyer finds out that a client’s case has previously been declined. By some other attorneys, it may serve as warning signs. He would like to steer clear of such a client and reject his case. In the event, the client has hired and then fired a number of lawyers; the new attorney may not be interested in the case because he may assume that the client has issues with lawyers. 


We have discussed many instances when a personal injury lawyer may reject your case. Another main reason to decline your case is when the statute of limitations seems to have expired. The client may be having a solid case but due to the expiration of this specific statute. It would prevent the client from carrying on with the case.