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If you want to check your content for plagiarism, then, first of all, we will like you guys to know about what plagiarism is and why it is important to check your content for plagiarism! So first of all for those of you who are completely unfamiliar with the definition of plagiarism, you guys should know that plagiarism is actually the act of simply taking words of another person/established author and using them in your own content without his/her permission! You should know that this copying and plagiarism can also include ideas, thoughts, media material, including audios and videos, and much more!

Now all around the world, plagiarism is considered to be unethical but, on the internet, and in the digital market, the theft of content is considered to be a serious crime! We would like you guys to know that around half of the content on the internet is considered to be plagiarized from the other half, and this has become a very big problem for both search engines and web-users! Now here we will like you guys to know about some of the types of plagiarism so that you can understand how problematic it can be for you!

Types of Plagiarism!

Here are some of the types of plagiarism that you should know about, the reason that we are telling you about the types is that some people don’t give importance to checking of plagiarism and for this very reason it is important for us to clear you out the consequences and the types of plagiarism in content!

  • The first type of plagiarism is better known as deliberate or verbatim plagiarism! Now, this type refers to the intentional copying of the content and using that in your own website under your own brand name without paying the original author any kind of credit!
  • The second important type of plagiarism is mosaic plagiarism! This is a type of plagiarism which refers to the copying of different ideas and textual content from different sources and adjusting them in one platform as completely new content! This is as severe as deliberate plagiarism; if you think that you won’t get caught, then you are fooling yourself!
  • Now the third type of plagiarism is accidental plagiarism, and this type of plagiarism refers to the content that you never intended to be copied and never knew whether you are copying someone’s words or not! This is just because of the reason that there are more than billions of web pages on the internet, and all of them have a huge amount of textual content and are adding on day by day! So there is always a chance that your content that is being written on a similar content/niche can match the wordings of another writer!
  • The fourth type of plagiarism is self-plagiarism, which is also very dangerous! We would like you guys to know that self-plagiarism is actually the type that refers to the copying of your own sentences and ideas that you have already published in a brand new content!

The Best Tool for Checking Plagiarism!

Now that you know that plagiarism can be detected and your content can be accused of even though you haven’t plagiarized, it is only fair that you now know about the top tool that you should use to check your content for plagiarism! The reason that we are listing out the top plagiarism checker tool out of hundreds of free tools on the internet is that not all of the free or even paid tools are reliable, and this is just because of the weak algorithms and the limited database that they use for checking! So here, we will tell you about the best plagiarism checker tool which is available with the famous SEO optimization platform/website better known as DupliChecker!

How to Use the DupliChecker Plagiarism Tool?

Worried about plagiarism check because you have no prior experience, then you should know that the use of the free online plagiarism check by DupliChecker is quite easy and simple! You should first of all register yourself with your email account with DupliChecker when you navigate the website, and this is because of the reason that after you register yourself with the tool, you will easily get free and unlimited services!

Simple And Easy To Understand Interface

Now when you open up the tool, you will see a very simple and easy to understand interface! You will see a white text box in which you can write content manually, and you can also copy and paste the content in the text box and check plagiarism in the content that you add in the box! We would like you guys to know that you can also upload documents using the upload bar below the text box, and not only that, but you can also add the URL of the website that you want to check the content for plagiarism!

Now, this is a tool that has multiple features that we will like you guys to read about in detail!

  • The tools are free and will allow you to check more than 50,000 words in a day!
  • You can check your content thoroughly for plagiarism because of advanced algorithms!
  • The tool is a web-based plagiarism checker that has more than 25 billion web pages!
  • The checker tool will not only detect plagiarism but will also highlight the content that is copied!
  • This tool not only checks content for plagiarism, but it also checks grammatical mistakes!
  • You will get a percentage report that will authenticate the originality of content!
  • This plagiarism checker will tell you about the exact source of the copied content!

Now you guys should know that the checking procedure of the tool is very reliable because it works on the split and checks basis! yes, this tool, first of all, divides the content into small but equal parts of mere five to eight words, which are then individually checked with the database! In this way, even the smallest phrase can be detected by plagiarism! This is an amazing and unique feature of this tool!