An overview of the most beautiful green gemstones from the lightest to the darkest


An overview of the most beautiful green gemstones from the lightest to the darkest

A symbol of nature and the life in it, of health and energy, of money and power – the colour green symbolises all of this. Due to evolution, the human eye is the most sensitive to it for the very reason that it is the most common colour on our planet. If you too are fascinated by this colour then green semi-precious stones and precious gemstones will certainly interest you so let’s take a look at what stones are green. You’ll also find out about their properties and what jewellery to wear with them on different occasions.

Royal emeralds

When you think about which green precious stones you know, emeralds are probably among the first that come to mind. Their shades of green can vary, but the most typical is a deep green colour.

You may have heard that these stones symbolise immortality and faith. However they are quite fragile and sensitive. They need to be handled with care and are also vulnerable to thermal shocks. However they are guaranteed to be a distinguished and elegant addition to your jewellery box. For instance, emerald rings are traditionally given on the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Amethysts with an unusual colour

Although you’re more likely to come across amethysts in purple, it’s also possible on rare occasions to see very light green ones and this is created by what’s known as annealing (a type of heat treatment). Such stones are called prasiolites and are a symbol of spiritual strength. If you are more of a reserved type of person, then these stones will subtly accentuate your beauty.

Amethysts are generally associated with the month of February and the 6th as well as the 17th wedding anniversaries so they can make an attractive gift for these occasions. They are relatively tough, but it’s a good idea to store them in an enclosed box as they lose their colour over time when exposed to the light.

Vibrantly coloured peridot

A vibrant yellow-green colour is the hallmark of olivine, otherwise known as peridot in its precious stone form. This gemstone of the sun, as it was called in ancient Egypt, is said to repel negative energy. It is the stone of the month of August and is traditionally given on the 15th wedding anniversary. If you need to give your wardrobe a boost, then these green jewels are sure to serve you well.

Tsavorite, a rare variety of green garnet

This lesser-known gemstone which is considered to be the stone of success was first introduced by the jewellery firm Tiffany & Co. in the 20th century. It can sometimes be found in lighter shades which have a yellow tinge to them but bright green is more common for them as a colour.

Moldavite, the pride of the Czech Republic

Moldavites are rare dark green stones which are found in the Vltava River basin. They are unique in the world because these stones were probably formed after a meteorite hit the Earth 15 million years ago and as a result, some people believe that they have cosmic energy.

Moldavite jewellery became more popular during the Art Nouveau period and in South Bohemia there was even a lovely tradition where the groom had to give the bride a Moldavite for her wedding. This stone will especially accentuate your beauty if you are a warm blooded type with an olive complexion and green eyes.

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