8 Reasons Why Castor Oil Is Considered Useful


For over centuries castor oil has been depicted in cartoons and tales as a substance with a horrible taste that is forced upon children by the adults. Irrespective of how it tastes, this substance does have various benefits for which it is used even today. It is not solely used for treating digestive ailments rather it is also an important ingredient in health and beauty treatments as well. Did you know that in the Netherlands the oil is known as ‘wonder oil’ owing to its varied uses? This is an inexpensive method for a beauty treatment at home. Castor oil is easily available at a drugstore or a supermarket near you.

Here’s a list of 10 benefits that you can derive from it:

1. Hair growth by Castor Oil

Do you want to make your hair grow faster? Then using this oil can solve your problem. In this case, you must know how to use it. Warm the oil and massage it lightly on your scalp. This helps in improving the blood circulation in the follicles. As a result, it leads to quicker hair growth. This oil also has omega 6 fatty acids that also help in nourishing hair further. If you want to get better results, pour the oil all over your hair till the ends after massaging your scalp. You can leave the oil overnight and then wash it off the next day. There are some people who find the consistency of castor oil too thick. They can mix it up with coconut and almond oils. This will also make your hair silky and shiny.

2. Castor Oil Helps to treat dandruff

This is another reason why castor oil is widely favored. It has antibacterial and fungal properties. As a result, when you massage it on the scalp it helps to remove dandruff. If it is used on a regular basis it completely stops the appearance of dandruff.

3. Makes hair thick with Castor Oil

Having thin hair is a problem. The omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids in castor oil help in hair growth. In case you use it on a regular basis, it will thicken the strands of hair. Thus, it will make your hair thick.

4. Used as a conditioner

Are you spending loads of money on expensive hair conditioner? Why opt for expensive products when you can use castor oil as a conditioner by mixing a few drops of it with the leave-in hair conditioner. This helps in making your hair softer and shiny.

5. Effective for split ends

Split end is a problem that plagues a number of women across the globe. To treat it castor oil can be used. Apply it before shampooing your hair. If done regularly the problems of dry hair and split ends will be solved permanently.

6. For eyelashes

If you desire for thicket and longer eyelashes then this oil will be useful for you. But you should know how to apply it. Every night before going to bed apply the oil on your eyelashes. You can witness the results in a couple of weeks. Rubbing castor oil on the eyebrows also thicken them thus, the brows become thick and long.

7. Works as a skin moisturizer

Instead of spending money on the costly moisturizers, use castor oil with sesame, jojoba or grapeseed oils to get soft and healthy skin. It can also be used to delay the signs of aging. Thus, it works wonderfully to deal with dry skin problems.

8. To treat sunburn

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus it has a soothing effect on the sunburns. It can be mixed with coconut oil on the affected area and you can feel the relief within a short span of time.

Thus, castor oil can be used in various ways to take care of both hair and skin.

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