Mums and Water – Choosing Healthy Living around the Home


A lot has been said about the benefits of drinking ionized water and its benefits for the body for Healthy Living, but that is not where it ends. As a mother, you may consider the first priority as ensuring that your family is better-taken care of, and where better to start than with ionized water.

Imagine being rid of almost 50% of your skin and hair care, dental, household cleaning, pet care and laundry products, and all just by the purchase of a single machine! Imagine the savings your family stands to make, not to mention the non-monetary benefits you will already be enjoying!

Investing in this water ionizer machine could be the next best thing you can do for your family as a mum. Apart from internal health benefits, we’ll give you a few other reasons to get this installed in your home yesterday!

Grease and stain removal

Strong alkaline water of pH 10.0 and over is very useful when tackling stains and grease marks on clothes, surfaces, dishes in the shower and inside the oven. Stains from coffee, red wine, oil, and grass are easily removable. While bleach is also alkaline, alkaline ionized water will not damage the fabric; it has no odor and is useable on clothes of any color. You only need to add a cup to a regular load of laundry.

Temporary pain reliever

If you have a localized pain reaction, apply a clean soft rag soaked in strongly alkaline water and applying it to the site of pain. Pain is most often a result of inflammation, which is due to oxidation. The alkaline water neutralizes these reactions and helps to relax the muscle, providing temporary pain relief without having to resort to medication. This method works for headaches, sprains, arthritic pain and backaches among others.

Food and beverage preparation for Healthy Living

Alkaline water at a pH of 9.0 helps to enhance the natural flavor of food, reducing the number of spices you need to bring out a particular taste in food. You can also soak meats and fish in alkaline ionized water prior to cooking to kill bacteria as well as help to make it tender. Rice cooked in water from this water ionizing machine is fluffier and stews come out tastier.

Alkaline water also boils faster, reducing the cooking time by about 25%. This is good news on your energy bills as well! Not only that but with alkaline water, you need only half as much tea or coffee to achieve a certain effect. Because the water is pure, the taste is also finer and richer and you will not even need the water to be at boiling to infuse the flavor properly.

Make ionized water ice cubes for use with alcoholic drinks to improve hydration and reduce the effects of a hangover the following morning.

Plants and flowers

Your plants and flowers will also benefit from alkaline ionized water in the same way that we do. Use it to water them and watch them improve in appearance and bloom owing to better absorption and hydration. Cut flowers can also soak in alkaline water for extended life.

Acid water for cleaning

Use slightly acidic water to wash fruits and vegetables to remove all the pesticides and chemicals used on them at the farm. The water ionizer can also produce water at acidic pH though it should not be for drinking but only for cleaning use.

Wash your face and hair with slightly acidic water to control acne-causing bacteria and dandruff on hair. Slightly acidic ionized water is also a good natural toner and makeup remover, eliminating the need to invest in those expensive products. It helps curb the effects of aging, for firmer, toner and Healthy Living and healthier skin and improved shine on the hair.