5 Impacts of Eating Disorder on Quality Of Life

impacts of eating disorder

An eating disorder is a severe illness that revolves around irregular eating habits and distress regarding one’s size or weight. When an individual has an eating disorder, they tend not to eat. At all or overeat, which is damaging to their wellbeing.

Many different reasons for an eating disorder include an imbalance in hormones, nutritional deficiencies, or it can be genetic. There are various symptoms too that can help you realize that you have an eating disorder such as depression. Chronic dieting despite being underweight, obsession with calorie intake, ritualistic eating patterns, isolated and withdrawn, and overeating or fasting.

All of this has a significant impact on the quality of life of a human being. And is a hurdle in their daily activities. Some of the effects of how it can be a problem are as follows,

Impact on mental health

There are many different symptoms of an eating disorder amongst. Which there is this particular symptom in which you make food patterns.

Making food patterns or you cannot eat them can be damaging to an individual’s self-esteem. Low self-esteem can make an individual cranky and force them to act in a negative way. Which can upset the person suffering from an eating disorder and the people surrounding them too.

Depression and anxiety are very reasonable in a person going through this illness, which makes the mental condition worse. The people around can throw negative judgments that cause more distress and distancing. The solution to this problem is therapy, but once the treatment is over and most of the damage has been recovered. The support of the loved ones must never stop for a better life. Find at peacefulmind.com.au tons of educational content and services to help you and your family face and solve these common issues.

Impact on physical health

Due to low or more intake of food, the patients of an eating disorder tend to suffer from many different physical health problems than ordinary people that consume a healthy diet. People suffering from eating disorders can feel dizzy; they can faint often, they tend to gain or lose weight very quickly, dry skin, they can have cramps and muscle cramps.

There are many different vitamin deficiencies due to low-calorie intake. And there is dehydration due to less water intake that affects the organs and especially the skin.

The physical health gets worse day by day due to which the dizziness and the fainting can increase too. That can force one to stop from taking part in daily activities. For example, you cannot take part in sports, you cannot stand up for a long while, or you cannot go to do grocery.

impact physical health

Social impact

Depression and anxiety are some of the side effects of having an eating disorder. Depression and anxiety both are mental health conditions. That are very common but very tricky to deal with since they make you think negatively and then make you act negatively.

Whatever positive thought you have in your mind is replaced with negative thinking, and your self-esteem and self-confidence are shattered. All of these things make you socially awkward. Since your depression and anxiety control your mood, you isolate yourself from every occasion and party to feel less burdened and less cumbersome. Your social life is ruined, and people give you anxiety.

Impact on daily life

An eating disorder has a massive impact on the daily life of a person that is suffering from it as every aspect of their life is disturbed.

impact on daily life

A considerable amount of time is required in controlling food intake, exercise. When you know you have a problem, and someone shows. You the way that if you follow this specific path, you will be able to bring your life back on track, then there is an urge and motivation to work harder. To develop the way which can be exhausting and may take up a lot of your energy.

After all of this, there is not much time left for any personal thing that must have been done. Also, there are no proper treatments for an eating disorder, which can be exhausting and frustrating on a personal level and affect personal development.

Impact of eating disorder on the people that surround them

Eating disorder is not a natural illness to be dealt with, and the person suffering from it can be going through a hard time. But let’s not forget that the people that surround the sick person that is the family, friends, and relatives.

These people go through significant lifestyle changes, not all changes are comfortable, and many come as challenges. Some members of the family may have to stay back with the sick person; other times, there will be tantrums and crying sessions that will have to be dealt with.

Many times people that are surrounded by ill people tend to make products that help them relax and cope with the situation better; to find out more about such products, make sure you visit thefunguys.ca. A person suffering from an eating disorder can have an anxiety or panic attack through which the family and the friends have to be colossal support so that they can make through whatever they are facing.

you got this

To summarize all of this, one must remember that with the right amount of love and care, every illness can be defeated, and an ill person can be brought back to a healthy life.