Instagram Life Hack to gain more likes:


Instagram is a fun app that is used to share pictures and videos with your followers and friends. It quickly gained recognition as teenagers were interested in the features of the app but it’s not just that. Now it has become one of the most popular social networking apps with more than 1 billion active users who share on average 95 million photographs and more or less 4.2 billion likes daily.

Not only it is considered to be a social networking app but it has now become a place for freelancers, social activists, and even small businesses. So, fun as well as a money-making app, we can call it. But how can we increase the number of likes on every post and Instagram followers? Yes, there are a number of hacks for that too.

1.   Promote your hashtag or use the trending one:

Hashtag is a very useful tool on Instagram, it allows the post to reach as many people as it can. So, if you use the trending hashtag then it would bring you more likes and even followers because the reach of your post has increased now. But if you still want to with your own hashtag, just create a kind of trend with it. For example, post a picture with your hashtag and ask your Instagram followers to use the same hashtag and you would choose one winner for a giveaway gift or that you would post their pictures with the hashtag in your stories. Giving an incentive always works.

2.   Be a little more descriptive:

You may say that a picture is worth a thousand words but you cannot ignore the importance of captions. There are many bloggers and most of the famous pages who use different techniques to make their captions interesting and useful. People are drawn to unique things, so if you carry a unique style, just be it. Take your caption game a step higher and see your engagement rising.

3.    Be recognized by influencers:

You may follow some influencers around you and they can help you to grow and get more likes. How is that possible? Let me tell you! Go to these bloggers’ or influencers’ profiles and turn on the post notifications. Whenever they post something, engage with them. Like, comment and share their post and become their favorite follower. This way they may share about you on their stories and you can get likes from their followers. You can also send them PR packages if you are a brand and ask them to unbox them on their stories. That way their followers might order from you and can get more clients, likes and followers.

4.    Instagram likes can be bought:

Buying Instagram likes is a good thing as it gives a boost to your profile and gives the new user a little satisfaction to trust your content and brand to be real. You can buy Instagram followers and likes from different people who have pages on Instagram for this specific purpose, from different companies, etc. but the only problem with these likes is that they are not real. The engagement on post must be authentic for the people to trust it and for that only reason buying likes for your posts may be a little controversial. But then we can say that after you get a little boost because of these likes, you can get more people to engage in your posts.