Tips to Celebrate the New Year with your Partner


Everyone has a gala time celebrating the New Year with the ones, who matter to them. Isn’t it? And your lovers, it, yet again becomes the season of love, romance and desire for belongingness and endless cuddles. It’s the time to ring into another year filled with equal or more affection, warmth and love towards your darling partner. Hence, if you are in love, we bet, you have already thought of some way to celebrate New years other than just pampering your lover over some New Year gift. If you quite haven’t yet, then don’t worry! We have got it all covered for you. Below, we have mentioned a few ways or tips to celebrate the upcoming new year’s eve in a heartwarming yet cordial manner. Take notes and give these tips a chance to turn your New Years celebration into a series of dream come true precious moments for you and your lover. Each of these ways of celebrating the new year is sure to bring you both closer together in love, health and sickness.

  1. Start With The Decorations – The New Years won’t even feel like New Years even one per cent if you didn’t happen to decorate your home sweet home with some fancy, creative decorations. You can pull in your partner to mutually decide how to decorate your casa to feel the warmth and the festive spirit of the year-end. While deciding and decorating the house together, you both are gonna fall in love with each other, all over again which is sure to make your New Year – indeed special. Make sure to transform your home from being functional to being romantic by placing some fairy lights and setting up your candlelight dinner table to set the mood right.
  2. Cook A Supper Together – When a single person looks out of interest, cooking seems to be therapeutic. While, when two people who are madly and deeply in love with each other cook supper together they make some memories together which they love to cherish till the very end of time. As going out to some restaurant can get expensive to celebrate the New Years together, you can absolutely look forward to setting the table indoors at your home sweet home to level up your romance. Set the menu, a day before and make the necessary arrangements like the veggies you need, etc. in the morning itself, so that you can start cooking with your partner well on time so that you finish cooking even well on time.
  3. Spice Up Your Romantic Life – As the occasion speaks quite explicitly it to be romantic, take advantage of it as you spice some things up in your love life. Mix it up a little in your bedroom and make some love to your partner (obviously, with his/her consent!). Trust us, psychologically speaking; it surely tends to make the New Year special and memorable. Feel the closeness! Feel the connection!
  4. Get Your Scenes Sorted For A Night Long Movie Marathon – If you don’t feel like going with the above stated Plan A, there’s always a Plan B which is equally fun to be executed. For Plan B, you need some of your favourite movie DVDs along with your partner’s favourite movie DVDs (surely you guys can watch it online if it is available) to go for a night-long movie marathon. We are quite sure, this will surely make your partner, and you come closer together if due to some past busy schedules you haven’t been able to give each other some quality time.

So, which of these tips are you gonna be following for this New Year to bring your partner closer and stronger together?