3 Ways to Experience Vegas Without Actually Going There


The bright lights, the poker tables, and the performers. Las Vegas is the biggest archetype for entertainment and gambling in the world. Yearly, people flock to Vegas in their millions to experience the casinos, the food, or just to get married by Elvis Presley (well, a very good impersonator, anyway).

But for whatever reason, unfortunately, Sin City isn’t always accessible to everyone. So, to bring the excitement of the place across the globe, here are some alternative ways to experience it.

Go to a different city

One of Las Vegas’s famous points is its gambling side. Luckily, there are many other places in the world where poker tables, slot machines, and blackjack can all be experienced in full.

Monte Carlo, for example, is a European city also famed for its casinos and tourist attractions, as this travel site http://www.world-guides.mc/ shows. This area is also a great place to experience some summer sun and meet lots of interesting people. But many world cities also have their fair share of clubhouses. Toronto has four casinos, Manchester has three, Atlantic City has nine and Harare has five, just to name a few. Whilst it might not be the same as playing in the world-famous Caesar’s Palace, these places are still just as riveting.

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Play online

Being in the digital age, it’s now so easy to encounter so much in life online and through our personal devices. And this includes the Vegas experience. Although we may not be able to do a last-minute wedding on our phones, we can gamble and experience casinos in all their glory. Making the online world a great way to bring Sin City to us.

Whether using a popular console to play slots with gamers across the world or downloading apps to enjoy poker in the palm of our hand, there are many ways we can make the most of online Vegas-style casinos. There are even sites like https://www.bonus.ca/ that help find a gambling site suited to individual wants. Whether after free spins, cash bonuses or no-deposit spins, being able to check out the options before playing is the virtual version of wandering around and exploring the possibilities before heading into a casino – giving us more of real Vegas feel. Using the internet to play popular Las Vegas games is a great way to experience the city from anywhere in the world.

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Watch it in popular culture

TV and film have a rich history of showing Sin City in all its glorious different ways. Of course, there are several movies and shows that display its famous casino sides, such as American Casino, Rain Man, and Casino.

But there is also a plethora of films and programs that show an alternative side to the city. The site https://www.imdb.com/ has a list of the films set there. And from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a flick about a journalist and his lawyer friend having adventures in the city, to The Hangover, a movie about a group of friends recovering from a bachelor party in Vegas, there are so many absorbing films that show more than just slots. To get a true taste of Las Vegas, the casinos, and the alternative sides, watching a movie set there is the way to do it.

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From physically visiting a city to letting the casino come to you through games or shows, there are plenty of ways to experience Vegas without having to hop on a plane. Whilst they may not come with Elvis impersonators, they are still memorable ways to enjoy all the exciting things the city has to