Fashion trends that are ruling North America in 2019


The world of fashion is a dynamic place where the styles, trends, and patterns are always in a state of flux. And the same holds true, regardless of any place you are talking about. In this write-up, let us focus on the fashion trends that have been ruling North America in particular in the current year. So, let us delve deeper into the information provided in the paragraphs that follow.

Not all fashion trends are easy to follow or keep pace with owing to the diverse nature of fashion that rules this part of the United States. The style is regional and is also quite popular across the borders. Also, you will find that adaptations of different styles prevail in this part of the globe too. Read about Seiko Singapore

Fashion trends that rule

Check out the following-

Crop top with slit skirt-

Two-piece styled dresses are in vogue. All you need is either a crop top or a deep neckline top that will go best with a slit skirt. As far as slits are concerned, you can opt for a single slit or slits on both sides or asymmetrically designed. Whichever way you choose to wear a skirt, it will look smart on the wearer. And when it comes to accessories, pair it up with wedge heels or lace tied flats. Keep jewellery minimum with perhaps just a drop earring and a clutch or a sling handbag by your side. An elegant yet smart look.

Beige colour is in fashion-

Go for beige dress, skirt, pants, jumpsuits, asymmetrical skirts, or just loose trousers. Interestingly, this is the colour that not only rules during the summer, but fashionistas are not hesitating to wear the shade during the colder months too. Pair it up with boots or high ankle shoes and same colour handbag. If you want a subtle look as far as jewellery is concerned, opt for shorter earrings or bigger ones will not spoil the look too.

Sequin accessories-

Do not be surprised to see sequin handbags all around or wherever you frequently go. This trend is in and is here to stay. Complement your attire with sequin clutches or bags that enhance your look and personality. However, sequins are appropriate for casual occasions and best to keep them at bay when it comes to formal occasions. Read more- Fashion Guest Post

Bucket hats-

Regardless of your gender and what you are wearing, the unisex bucket has been a favourite throughout 2019. The trend is set to rule the rest of the year too. And do not be surprised if this fashion trend spills over to 2020! You can choose the colour depending on what you are wearing and the colour of the attire. It undoubtedly offers a smart look.

Regardless of what fashion styles and trends are ruling, ultimately, it is your sense of dressing and style that will prevail above all. Dress for comfort and to enhance your personality and above all, if it looks good on you.