Best tips to help you hire a film production crew


Not many of us have a clear idea as to what to expect when hiring a film production crew and service. There are aspects that you need to consider, the price and what you can expect when working with a third-party expert.

First and foremost, what you need is a firm and staff who are easy to work with. If you are looking for an expert film production crew then look no further than the M3 studios, where the staff prides themselves on being customer-oriented and work diligently towards completion of the project the right way.

Here are some of the tips that will ensure you work with a top expert.

Quality of workers

Video production houses and studios usually employ workers contractually. This allows the production house to save on the overhead costs, but it can sometimes take a toll on the quality of the production. However, as long as the contracted workers and staff share a common vision and fit your style, your project is in safe hands. Make sure that you ask your question before signing the contract papers.

Decide the finer details

You need to have a clear idea about the platform destination of the video. Keep in mind that there are a number of video sharing platforms like YouTube and other websites. On the video sharing platforms, you can use longer videos. However, for Facebook and Twitter, you will need videos of a shorter format and duration. Keep in mind 15-second teaser videos work well alongside the full-length videos for audience retention and increasing the views.

The demo reel is important

We tend to choose the production house depending on the demo-reel. However, when you are skimming through the demo-reel make sure that you ask for one of the latest productions. It is important to base your expectation for the project through the recent productions and not some earlier demo-reel.

Shopping around is important

You need to ask for quotes from at the very least three different production houses. Shopping around is important so you get the best deal out of all the choices you have in front of you. Often, we end up using a relative or a friend with camera equipment to shoot a video project. However, keep in mind that until you work with a professional there is no guarantee of the quality of the project. So, keep in mind the type of video project and hire the experts based on that. It is crucial to understand that if you are looking for a 2D animation video then 2D animators with loads of experience are your best bet.

Never compromise the vision

Keep in mind that when you are paying for a video you are actually paying for a multitude of shots that can be used for multiple videos. You retain the rights to all the footage that was shot on the day of the shoot you paid for. The more videos you can make from a single day of the shoot, the better it is for your budget. This is the best way to ensure that you stay within the budget and yet get standard quality of production.

Keep in mind these simple considerations before investing is a film production crew and studio.