Tips to get more Instagram followers for free


Social media has become the main form of communication and advertising globally over the past ten years, and making sure your brand, campaign or just your personal profile has maximum reach does wonders for your sales and influencing capabilities. Since 2010, Instagram has become the most popular social media platform; it’s home to bloggers, small businesses, and brands and it is the best place to actually engage with your fanbase or customers.

There are many things you can do to make sure your Instagram account is the best it can be: from having a consistent aesthetic to posting regularly to getting friends and followers to share your content and brand – however, none of that is as important as having a big follower base.

Whether you’re using Instagram as a business tool, to promote a campaign, or as an influencer, the most important thing you need is reach – which means you need more followers. More followers mean more people seeing your content, which means more engagement and more results for you. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users and counting. You won’t get all of those people following your account, but it’s a huge network just waiting to be tapped!

You could pour money into getting followers, or bust a gut creating a full content calendar and working hard for each and every follower, and you would see some results – or, you could massively increase your following and get your account the attention it deserves easily and for free, using a tool like GetInsta.

GetInsta offers quality free Instagram followers and likes within 24 hours – and guarantees no bots and no fakes. Unlike other services that claim to provide free followers and likes, GetInsta doesn’t ask you to give up any of your data or sell your information on to third parties, meaning it’s not only free but protects your privacy too. 

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GetInsta is based on organic promotion, which guarantees that Instagram’s terms of use aren’t broken, and your account won’t get banned! Everyone who uses GetInsta is a real person, and the like and follow system is based on each user liking and following content they genuinely enjoy. This means that not only are all the followers you gain real people, but they are also quality followers who actually enjoy your content. 

GetInsta could not be simpler to use and offers guaranteed results – that means more free likes and followers for you at minimal effort! It’s available for PC, android, and iOS. To use GetInsta and get your free Instagram likes and followers, simply go to the GetInsta website or download the app, and sign up – all you need to create an account is the Instagram username of the account you want to gain followers and likes for and an email address.

After creating your account, you can start scrolling through all the Instagram posts on GetInsta, earning in-app digital coins by liking and following posts and accounts. The digital coins you earn can be used to increase your visibility and therefore buy you followers and likes- simply go through the content on GetInsta, and like or follow the content you enjoy. Each like and follow will earn you digital in-app coins which you can use to buy followers and likes for your account, and you will see your account grow within 24 hours!

It is famously time-consuming to grow your following on Instagram, even if you follow all the best tips on optimizing your account and creating high-quality content – and although there are plenty of ways to buy followers out there, they’re often filled with bots or low-quality followers who won’t actually engage with your brand. GetInsta is 100% safe, free, and easy to use and offers guaranteed quality followers and likes within 24 hours. What are you waiting for?