5 Reasons Why You Should Use Fire Sleeves for Wires


Wires and cables are used to transmit necessary information in your daily life. Whether you use them at home or in an industry, they require protection so that you can avoid any accidents. Insulation of wires, cables, hoses, lines, etc., is necessary to protect them from heat and other environmental factors. 

It is essential to make sure that the copper wires do not break down and cause problems. Fire sleeve is a silicone-coated fiberglass sleeve that is used as an insulator. It is an excellent material for guarding your personnel and reducing energy losses. 

Provides Extra Protection for Wires:

No matter how much you look after the wires, they still need to be protected with insulators. Wires and cables are overtime exposed to heat, moisture, bending, extreme temperature, and other factors. Even though the cables come with a coating, they still require extra protection. Sleeves provide chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance for the wires. They provide additional protection to cables of any shapes and sizes

Fire sleeve keeps your wires safe and keeps them organized. The consequences of damages to wires and cables can be life-threatening. Most of the causes of fire eruption are the damage of wires. 

Extends the Life of the Wires:

The wires, cables, hoses in your home or industry need coating to prolong its life. It is best to coat your wires with fire sleeves from the beginning to avoid any damage to them. It is a huge hassle to locate the damaged wire and replace it. 

With using a fire sleeve, you will not have to worry about replacing the cables. You can perform your tasks efficiently with high-quality wires. 

Thermal Protection:

Fiberglass material is an excellent insulator for constant temperature up to 540 degrees Celsius. Silicone is another great barrier and withstands temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. Silicone, on the other hand, provides resistance for much higher temperatures, including liquid molten metals.

The Fire sleeve reflects radiant heat energy, protecting the wires and cables. Even if the cables are exposed to flame and molten splash, they remain undamaged.

Fire Sleeves for Industry Use:

These types of sleeves are specially designed for industrial use. They are available in a variety of materials, strengths, and coatings. Specially made for industrial use, they can withstand much more challenging conditions. Fiberglass is especially important for manufacturing, welding, and other industrial services.

As cables and wires in the industries use high voltage, so the sleeves are designed with a non-conductive material. These sleeves can withstand extreme temperatures that can be produced by many minds of manufacturing processes. You can also find fire sleeves specially made for aerospace and military use.

Organizing Your Wires:

You can organize your wires, cables, and hoses using different types of braided sleeves according to your needs. They offer protection while managing your wires. Here are two types of braided sleeving options. 

Expandable Braided Sleeves:

They can be used to arrange your wires in a neat and presentable way. Besides, they provide excellent protection from any damage. They can expand easily to accommodate many wires. Other than expanding, their flexibility also allows a range of motion for the wires and cables. According to your needs, you can obtain expanded braided sleeves with different kinds of materials and durability.

Split Entry Sleeves:

You can use split entry seeing to insulate the wires without unplugging them. It can be wrapped around the cables and protect them as well. They can correctly manage unsightly wires. It is mainly used for wires where disconnecting cable or wire bundles is not possible.