3 Tips for a Smooth Rental Car Experience


Renting a car is a great thing to do when you’re traveling somewhere as it gives you the freedom and flexibility to travel on your own schedule. Having the car also means you don’t have to haul your bags around on public transport, which is always a huge plus for me! With everything that’s going on right now, having your own car in a new destination is not only a bonus it’s also a huge health advantage too. If you’re planning a trip somewhere, whether for work or leisure, and going to rent a car, here are my top 3 tips for a smooth rental car experience to make things go as well as possible!

1. Book in Advance
There’s nothing worse than trying to show up to an airport rental car counter, hoping they have something available. If you choose an area where tourism is quite popular, you might even find yourself with no cars available or nothing suitable available for you. Booking your rental car in advance ensure that you have the best quality options available, but you’ll quickly learn that you can often get great deals when you book online. There are tons of promotions, and you can easily compare rental car companies to see which one has the best offers for your destination of choice, ensuring you save as much money as possible.

2. Get Rental Car Insurance
Nothing ruins a work trip or vacation faster than a giant, unexpected bill. If you’re involved in an accident you may find yourself not only liable for the rental car, but also for any other cars you damage or property involved. These bills can easily climb into the tens of thousands of dollars, completely ruining a trip and impacting your finances for years to come. That’s why rental car insurance is so essential. However, rental insurance coverage from rental car companies tends to be very expensive with lots of extra fees added on. That’s why it’s worth looking into rental car damage insurance companies that offer the specific service as you’re likely to get much better rates, saving you money while allowing you to enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be covered.

3. Have Everything Ready
Rental car companies are going to ask for the same info so having everything ready to go will make it easier. Decide in advance who’s going to be driving the vehicle – will you want more than one driver? This comes with additional costs, so it can be important to think about ahead of time. Do you want any add-ons, such as a GPS system. Again, this comes with an additional cost usually, so being clear about what you want and want to skip, ahead of time can make a big difference. They’ll need to see your license, and they’re probably going to want to see your credit card as well, so have both these things accessible before you head to the counter to make the process as fast as possible.

Hopefully these tips help ensure you have a smooth rental car experience and can get on the road faster, ensuring you make the most of your vacation or work trip.