Best Online and Virtual Fitness Classes to Try out

Online Fitness Classes

When there is a pandemic outbreak, a lot of activities are on hold. For example, you can’t go to the gym to keep fit because most of the activities are done at home. But then, you have to stay healthy as always. You can’t assume the gym activities because you can’t go to the gym physically. Technology has made almost everything possible. There are many online and virtual classes you can try and keep fit in the comfort of your home. Read more at

Let us discuss the best online classes you can rely on and keep your fitness journey updated. The programs outlined below are available for free. 

Live stream Workouts

  • Planet Fitness Live Work-Ins

If you are stuck at home, do not worry, planet fitness is giving out free classes for people like you and me. The program offers different workout activities for 20 minutes during the fitness live class on an online platform. Get in touch and learn something better. 

  • YMCA Live Workouts

Several YMCAs are giving out virtual class by teaching on ideas such as kid’s fitness, cycling, and body & mind fitness activities. There are four different virtual studios where YMCA conducts all their activities, meaning that it does not matter what you love; there is always something for your preferences. Check out on their services and find something suitable for yourself. 

  • The Bar Method

The fitness studio; The Bar Method concentrates on bodyweight activities. Since there is social distancing, the studio opted to offer a live stream program that you can study while at home. The activities involve 15 to 60 minutes run workouts, upper body exercise, standing workout, warm-ups, and exercises while seated, among others. Check out their services; you won’t go wrong.  

Livestream Yoga

  • Spirit of the Lake Yoga

The studio is located in Minnesota, and it is specialized in offering many free yoga lessons for at least three times daily. Check out their free services via mobile phones or a computer, and learn new ideas for free. 

  • The Cycling Yogi

The studio is located in Colorado. It offers virtual classes on barre-hybrid, yoga, and strength. The activities help in building muscle and improving flexibility. Check out and try the yoga lessons and improve our overall body. 

Other online platforms where you can keep fit include

Live Pilates Classes: The studio is located in Boston; the primary purpose of the studio is to give life lessons that you can practice comfortably at home. The lessons are available for free. 

SELF YouTube channel: If you want to try out HIIT, strength, and cardio activities while at home. The channel gives activities that do not need equipment so that you can try out comfortably at home. 

CorePower Yoga On Demand: Check out the platform so that you can learn a collection of different yoga classes. Anyone can learn through the platform new yoga ideas at home. 

Yoga With Adrienne YouTube channel: The host at this channel gives activities related to home-yoga routine, breathing exercise, and many more. They teach through videos so that you can have a better understanding. Reach out to the channel and fulfill your gym activities. 

NordicTrack and iFit Workouts: The platform gives lessons on riding, running, or hiking in different locations. The services are available on seven continents in over forty countries. The equipment used includes bikes and treadmills, among others. Reach out to them and learn new ideas. 


When you stay at home due to unavoidable circumstances, you are likely to become unfit since you aren’t involved in exercises such as walking, running, or going to the gym. In such conditions, you can’t afford to assume your body because of the consequences of not exercising. As a result, you have to figure out different ideas on how to stay fit without having to go to the gym. Thanks to technology, you can learn many ideas online. Check out the above platforms and learn how to maintain the fitness of your body.