What according to Ej Dalius entrepreneurs should realize about experiential marketing?

Ej Dalius
Ej Dalius

There are multiple types of marketing. And entrepreneurs make use of both online and offline marketing. However, today’s most effective marketing type is experiential marketing that takes place in real-time and in person. It also generates experiences for the customers and connects them with a business brand in question personally. In other words, entrepreneurs and customers can see, touch, feel, and hear this marketing.

Things that entrepreneurs should know – Eric J Dalius’s perspectives

According to Eric J Dalius, experiential marketing comes with is distinctive advantages that make it a practical choice. It occurs in the physical world, and the entrepreneurs can add in their creativity endlessly. There are successful and memorable campaigns, as well. Few of the crucial advantages of experiential marketing are:

  • “Your brand stands out,” says Eric Dalius

It is the first thing that entrepreneurs need to realize about experiential marketing. The market today is crowded, and positioning your brand will take time. Most brands today use online marketing. But only the progressive brand resort to experiential marketing. Using this marketing strategy, you can place your brand creatively amongst other market players, which will make you stand out from the rest.

  • Social media visibility

The best quality of experiential marketing is that it’s shareable. Eric Daliussays that people are continually sharing several posts and experiences on social media platforms. Hence, your brand can get free social media visibility that you need for brand awareness and exposure. It helps other users and customers to know that you exist and visit your website. You get both social media mileage and organic website traffic.

  • Customer experience

One can learn about a brand entirely through online interaction. And experiential marketing enables the customers to get to know your brand in-depth by interacting with the brand representatives and other company spokespersons. The experience is personal and also gives rise to customer delight and loyal customers.

  • Memorable

Most brands want people to remember them! Experiential marketing makes this possible. It is an unconventional marketing type that has a lasting effect on the customers.  Does your experiential marketing campaign have your services and products added to it? If so, it’s better. The buyer wants to check out products in person, and that adds to the buyer’s journey. It is the best way customers can make an informed decision.

  • Influencer and media attention

Launching a bold and creative experiential marketing initiative is the best way to get your audience’s attention. It also attracts social influencer’s gaze. The media channels and social media platforms want to cover such campaigns as they have useful news to cover, making a great story. Ej Dalius says that the creative you can go with your campaign, the better it is for you.

Usually, experiential marketing often gets forgotten, and that is very unfortunate for brands and entrepreneurs. Do you want a lasting impact on your audience? If yes, leverage this marketing form. Go ahead and take a calculated risk of adding this marketing type to your entire marketing mix. You will grab media and customer attention, increase website traffic, and get the best brand recall value that you always wanted.