4 Ways To Handle Travel Anxiety

4 ways to handle travel anxiety

Travel anxiety is something which common with all travelers. At some point or another, I bet you have wished there is a great way to deal with travel stressors to avoid the anxiety. Well, there isn’t. However, if conventional deep breathing no longer works, here are the various guaranteed way you can deal with travel stress and the anxiety that usually follows.

If you are prone to traveling by air, you most likely are accustomed to these types of challenges. If that is the case, then here is how to fix them.

The Challenge: Losing Your Luggage’s

If you are always petrified about losing your luggage’s, then you are rightly so. The challenge of losing luggage’s during packing in the airport is real. People lose luggage’s every single day. You can be rest assured of that. This is one reason travel anxiety is common with air travelers.

The Solution

Take control of everything you possibly can. A recommendation will be to divide your luggage’s between your carry-on luggage, and you’re checked-in luggage. Instead of putting only underwear’s and jewelry in a carry-on bag, and nice clothes in the other. You will do well do but a little bit of both in the carry-on bag. This way, if your checked-in luggage’s gets lost or delayed, you will be able to sort yourself out for the time being.

The Challenge: Security and Custom Questions

It could be the endless queue or the long and seemingly unending questions asked by custom that gives you travel anxiety. The queue and worrying over potential custom question can certainly be a pain. However, this kind of travel anxiety can be completely managed.

The Solution

Again, take control of whatever you can. To avoid stressing over the long security queue and the potential of missing your flight, do well to be at the airport on time. At least a couple of hours before your flight time. A little knowledge about the kind of questions to expect with the custom will also help you feel less petrified about the kind of questions custom will ask. Its standard procedures, which means the questions are usually generic and nothing you cannot answer. Except of course you are carrying a nuclear bomb with you, which are doubt you are.

The Challenge: Airplane Turbulence

Turbulence can be a nightmare for most people. If you think you probably the only one having travel anxiety over this, then think again. Many have talked about how petrified they were because of turbulence. But before you go praying to Jesus like the plane is going to come down, know that air travels are not just the fastest means of travel but also the safest. Not that am saying praying to Jesus is bad. By all means, if you believe in him, please pray before your every flight. It helps too.

The Solution

Seats at the wings of a plane experience fewer bumps than the rear. So, strategically picking your seats at the wing area if you can. If sitting by the wing wasn’t possible or you still feel travel anxiety due to the turbulence, then, by all means, practice deep breathing. This is known to work for situations such as this. If that also doesn’t work, having ginger candies and mints can also help.

You also want to avoid alcohol as a way of killing you travel anxiety. It often amplifies the situation. If you feel a glimpse of panic attack, you should visit the bathroom and try breathing into a bag. A flight attendant will gladly offer you one if you ask.

The Challenge: Delays

According to research, 50% of travel anxiety is caused by delay. This is mostly because people have no control over the weather conditions, airline maintenance, and other unexpected development. This can be frustrating and why it is the most reason for travel anxiety for many.

The Solution

The best way to handle these kinds of travel anxiety is to ensure you have no deadline to beat. This will most times not work, but it is important to have this in the back of your mind. If it can’t be helped, then do well to plan ahead. Ensure you have enough time left in case there is are any delays beyond your control.

The Bottom Line

Travel anxiety is something you will grow used to once you get a hold of how to handle them. If you are one of the few who can stand things not going as planned, it will serve you right to have multiple plans in case of failure. It will also do you well to know that failing is part of life and that its nothing to stress over.

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