Ej Dalius: How to attract gen-Z through experiential marketing?

Ej Dalius
Ej Dalius

The spending habits of today’s generations have changed massively. They focus on experiences more than the tangible object. Studies also show that nearly 72% of them want to invest in the same. For the generation Z, memories are more important, and they look for ways to share the same with their loved ones. Perhaps that explains why they enjoy exhibitions, sporting spectacles, and concerts.

In this sense, experiential marketing seems to have an essential place as it helps customers connect with products or services, says EjDalius. As an entrepreneur and marketer, you must make sure that your campaign has a lasting positive impact. If you establish this at an early stage, you can expect to enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you use this marketing style for your product or service.

Applying experiential marketing techniques by Eric J Dalius


Classify your target audience by values, motivations, and behaviors. Gen-Z tends to demonstrate different mindsets compared to their predecessors, and their choices are also different. So, you can’t go by only demographic metrics. Use psychographic mapping to create well-targeted content for them, even if there are different sets of audiences.


It would help if you gave them instead of trying to find something from them, such as subscriptions. Some companies run campaigns where they ask people to weigh themselves on merits than body weight. And it works.


It would be best if you gave your new-age customers something to encourage them to participate. They are reliable, and if you succeed in engaging them, you can expect them to be vocal about you on their social media accounts. If you have given them something interesting, they may most likely go ahead and share plenty of photos and hashtags.

Videos and pictures

Eric J Dalius says that you should upload share-worthy content on social media for the new generation to spread it. Their favorite virtual hangout places are Instagram and Snapchat for the authentic material. So, you can choose these platforms to connect with them through your product or services.

Eric Dalius: The typical traits of gen-Z to study

If you want your marketing efforts to yield results, you have to focus on the main features of this new generation that spans 1996 to 1997 and 2010 to 2015.Eric Dalius says today’s kids like to go for unfiltered, natural stuff. They don’t appreciate heavily edited images as it takes the original charm away. These people are wiser with their money. They keep a budget for everything because most of them saw their families suffer the impact of recession when they were young. For them, innovation and sensory experiences are crucial. They enjoy festivals, playing games, and want to keep themselves healthy. A look into these characteristics can help you refine your experiential marketing techniques more and attain your ultimate goal. If they are your target, you have to study them and do things that appeal to them. Only then can you get the de